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Q: Which plant cell structure stores large amounts of chemicals—including salts, minerals, proteins, and water—for the cell and helps the cell maintain its shape? plastids chloroplasts central
vacuole cell wall Question #15MultipleChoice Score: The pigment chlorophyll is contained in _____. stromagranaplastidschromoplasts Question #16MultipleChoice Score: The cells that are on each side of a stomata and open and close it like a mouth are called _____. guard cellsmeristem cellsparenchyma cellscollenchyma cells Question #17MultipleChoice Score: A plant with high _____ is healthy and rigid. cell wallsturgorstromapith Question #18MultipleSelect Score: The cells of plants and animals are similar, except for a few different structures. Which structures are only found in plant cells? endoplasmic reticulumribosomeschloroplastslysosomesperoxisomesvesicleslarge central vacuoleGolgi complexcytoskeletonmitochondriacell wall Question #19TrueFalse Score: If you've eaten carrots or radishes, you've eaten the plant's roots. TrueFalse Question #20MultipleChoice Score: The trunk of a tree is its _____. rootstemleafflower
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Evolution occurs slowly.
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True. Evolution occurs slowly.
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