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You want to see if mold grows faster on bread in the shade than on bread in the sun. Your experimental variable is _____. mold bread the sun
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User: You want to see if mold grows faster on bread in the shade than on bread in the sun. Your experimental variable is _____. mold bread the sun

Weegy: bread
debnjerry|Points 44168|

User: A(n) _____ statement is best to use when refining your hypothesis. direct defining if-then simple

Weegy: If-Then
MrG|Points 3034|

User: The scientific method is a process of rational thought and common sense. True False

User: man drinks swamp water and later contracts malaria. This fact alone does not provide conclusive evidence that swamp water is responsible for causing malaria. To draw a valid conclusion, a experiment with only one factor is needed. Question #10MultipleChoice Score: In the scientific world, cold hard facts are often termed _____. lawshypothesestheories Question #11MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Which of the following are part of the scientific method? defining a probleminterpreting resultsresearchingsubjective reasoning Question #12TrueFalse Score: The avoidance of personal prejudice or bias is an important trait of a scientist. TrueFalse Question #13TextMultipleChoice Score: An experiment that fails to verifyproves a hypothesis will often provide a new direction for the researcher. Question #14TrueFalse Score: Early man explained observed events of nature in terms of superstitions, guesses, or logical evaluations. TrueFalse Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Can the scientific method be used to prove unique historical events? YesNo

Weegy: Please ask one question at a time.
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Asked 2/20/2013 10:25:40 AM
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Justinian I was famous for rewriting the Greek Roman Persian Byzantine legal code
Updated 107 days ago|5/8/2016 3:00:29 PM
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Justinian I was famous for rewriting the ROMAN legal code.
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