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Q: Question 1 of 25 1.0 Points In every society from the hunting and gathering society to the post industrial society, what has been the most common basis for social stratification? A.race B.income
C.level of education Correct D.gender Answer Key: D Question 2 of 25 1.0 Points In which of the following societies would slavery be most likely to exist? A.pastoral society Correct B.agricultural society C.industrial society industrial society Answer Key: B Question 3 of 25 1.0 Points A system of beliefs that justifies a particular social arrangement such as slavery is called A.a constitution B.class consciousness C.a theory Correct ideology Answer Key: D Question 4 of 25 1.0 Points What is the significant difference between the class system and the systems of slavery, caste and estate? A.The class system is not based on religion. Correct B.The class system has fluid boundaries. C.The class system only works in democracies. D.The class system existed before the other three Answer Key: B Question 5 of 25 1.0 Points Sally is employed as a computer programmer for the Ellis Corporation. She has a savings account of $15,000 and owns a few shares of Ellis stock. She thinks of herself as an investor rather than as a worker. Marx would maintain that Sally has experienced ________. Correct A.false class consciousness B.misplaced commitment C.a management ideology D.the Hawthorne Effect Answer Key: A Question 6 of 25 1.0 Points Of the following methods, which would be the best way to preserve a stratification system? A.Demonstrating violation of law through public punishment. B.Establishing a well trained and highly armed police force Correct C.Controlling ideas, information, technology and social networks through ideology D.Brute force and coercion to keep dissidents in their place. Answer Key: C Question 7 of 25 1.0 Points In both England and the United States, what percentage of the population is occupied by the elite upper class? Correct percent B.three percent C.five percent D.ten percent Answer Key: A Question 8 of 25 1.0 Points The theory that explains how global stratification developed that includes core nations, periphery nations, semi-periphery nations, and external areas is ________ theory. A.dependency Incorrect B.culture of poverty C.colonialization system Answer Key: D Question 9 of 25 1.0 Points The control of the Least Industrialized Nations by the Industrialized Nations through debts owed to them is referred to as ________. A.imperialism Correct B.neocolonialism C.modernization D.capitalism Answer Key: B Question 10 of 25 1.0 Points What are the three variables Max Weber identified as defining social class? A.ethnicity, race, sex Correct B.wealth, power, prestige, power, education D.occupation, neighborhood, wealth Answer Key: B Question 11 of 25 1.0 Points When used by sociologists, the term "wealth," refers to ________. A.only the property that a person owns B.only the income made from a person's occupation Correct C.both property owned and income made by the person less debts D.income after state and federal taxes have been withheld Answer Key: C Question 12 of 25 1.0 Points Which of the following statements is most accurate in respect to determining social prestige in modern society? A.Social prestige is based primarily on the wealth one accumulates. B.One's occupational title is the greatest influence in determining social prestige Incorrect C.Together wealth and power are the determining factors of social prestige D.Family lineage is the primary determinant of social prestige Answer Key: B Question 13 of 25 1.0 Points Phil, a janitor for an expensive apartment-house complex in Chicago, is a union janitor who makes quite a bit more money than many of the tenants in the building he maintains. Lenski would note that Phil's high income but low occupational prestige demonstrates a condition of ________. A.status insecurity B.status contradiction Correct C.status inconsistency D.status incompatibility Answer Key: C Question 14 of 25 1.0 Points Eric Wright revised Marx's concept of social classes by regarding some people as simultaneously occupying more than one class. He termed their positions in the class structure ________. A.status inconsistency Correct B.contradictory class locations C.status incompatibility D.class ambiguity Answer Key: B Question 15 of 25 1.0 Points What is Durkheim's term for a condition in which people become detached from the norms that guide their behavior? A.compurgation B.primogeniture Incorrect C.negative affective state D.anomie Answer Key: D Question 16 of 25 1.0 Points What did the research by Kohn suggest as being an influence upon parents that impacted how they reared their children? Incorrect A.the net worth of the family B.the race or ethnicity of the family C.where the family lived D.the parents' occupations Answer Key: D Question 17 of 25 1.0 Points What is the relationship between one's social class and their chances of being a victim of crime? A.positive Correct C.inverse D.null Answer Key: C Question 18 of 25 1.0 Points What is the strongest variable in developing correlations to which social groups are in poverty? A.geographic location Correct B.race/ethnicity Answer Key: B Question 19 of 25 1.0 Points Jeanann and her two children are on welfare. Research indicates that it is likely that Jeanann and her children will be in poverty for ________. least five or six years B.until both children are 18 years of age Correct C.a year or less D.between eight and ten years Answer Key: C Question 20 of 25 1.0 Points Which statement is least accurate regarding sex and gender? Incorrect A.There is unequal access to power, prestige, and property based on one's sex. B.Being born male or female carries images and expectations on how one should act C.Gender is sociologically significant because it is how society controls its members D.The terms sex and gender are sociologically and biologically interchangeable Answer Key: D Question 21 of 25 1.0 Points What is Cynthia Fuchs Epstein's basic argument to explain what determines the type of work performed by men and women in each society? A.It is based on biology and climate Correct B.It is a product of socialization and social control C.Motivation and aspirations are the determining factors. D.Status and wealth determine who does specific work Answer Key: B Question 22 of 25 1.0 Points Why do sociologists classify females as a minority group? A.Women are out numbered by men in virtually every society B.Women are not as physically strong as men Incorrect C.Men perform the most difficult and dangerous work in most societies. D.Women are discriminated against because of their physical characteristics. Answer Key: D Question 23 of 25 1.0 Points Agatha has worked for ten years in the public relations department of a large firm. She has been promoted to several higher paying managerial positions, but never to an executive position, even though she has directed several successful projects for the firm. Her lack of promotion most likely illustrates ________. Correct A.the "glass ceiling" B.the "glass elevator" C.the "mommy track" D.sexual harassment Answer Key: A Question 24 of 25 1.0 Points Which of the following statements best describes how feminists view sexual harassment? A.It is a fundamental difference in how men and women think. B.It is based on the social process that guides society. Correct C.It is based on the structural problems embedded in society. D.It is caused by the biological differences between men and women Answer Key: C Question 25 of 25 1.0 Points Sociologically, why is gender especially significant? Correct A.It is a master status cutting across all aspects of life. B.It permits a comparison to superior male qualities. C.It provides for one group to lead, another to follow. D.It reinforces the teachings of Genesis Answer Key: A
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