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What are the five dimensions of cultural differences? Which of these differences has the largest effect on employee behavior?
Weegy: the five dimensions of cultural differences are : Power Distance The power distance dimension is a literal measurement of the layers of management between an individual employee and the highest level of management. [ An individual contributor who reports to a manager who reports to a director who reports to a vice president who reports to a CEO has a power distance dimension of three, because there are three layers of management between the individual contributor and the CEO. The higher the power distance dimension, the less likely the employee is to feel that his contribution matters to the company. An organization may flatten its organizational structure to help employees feel connected to senior leadership. Individualism The individualism dimension measures not only the degree to which an employee maintains her unique attributes, but also the degree to which she becomes integrated into the collective group. An individualist employee has loose ties to others in the organization. She looks out for herself and perhaps for others in her small work group. A collectivist employee fully integrates herself into the organization and demonstrates loyalty to the extended corporate "family." In turn, she expects others in the organization to support her. Masculinity The masculinity dimension measures the organization's personality against masculine and feminine stereotypes. A company with a masculine culture operates assertively and competitively, and a company with a feminine culture comes across as more modest and caring. Employees tend to model their behavior after their companies' leaders. If the leadership team is competitive, employees may be encouraged to compete with one another or to beat out the company's competitors. Uncertainty Avoidance Hofstede's uncertainty avoidance dimension measures employees' comfort with unstructured environments — unknown situations where surprising events may occur In a creative environment, such as a design house, the culture ... (More)
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Asked 8/16/2013 2:19:35 PM
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