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What does the author mean by "focusing on the audience" in reference to composing a thesis statement?
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User: The thesis statement for your ______________ speech should state what you want the audience to learn.

User: What does the author mean by "focusing on the audience" in reference to composing a thesis statement?

Weegy: Here are some of the most common mistakes students make when writing a research paper: 1. Lack of research before choosing a thesis statement. Sometimes, when stressed or busy, students will rush their selection of a subject for a paper. [ [ As a result, their focus and connection with the subject matter can suffer greatly, and inevitably this comes through in their writing. Doing good research and choosing a subject you feel you can connect to are important steps in writing a successful thesis statement, and ultimately a successful paper. 2. Lack of a strong thesis statement. Once you select a subject, creating a strong thesis statement is the next step. This is a critical, foundational element for a successful paper. One hallmark of a successful thesis statement is that you ?take a stand,? or a definite point of view. The thesis statement should be clear and express one main idea. It should be about a topic that warrants further discussion. A good thesis statement is genuine, compelling, and makes the reader want to continue. 3. Failure to make appropriate connections between the thesis statement and supporting statements. The structure of a research paper flows from the thesis statement to the supporting statements, which comprise the body of the paper. The best research papers are in effect a sustained inquiry and a stimulating discussion of a well-defined topic. You paper must transition effectively from your thesis statement to your supporting statement. 4. Lack of strong, relevant data to support statements. All supporting statements in a paper should be backed up by relevant sources which substantiate the point of view put forward by the thesis statement. Your supporting statements should flesh out your original thesis statement and have a basis in strong, factual data that you cite and the reader can easily verify. ......... ] ]
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One of the most common mistakes students make when choosing a topic is to select one that is too broad.
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