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what are similarities and differences in the ways transfer grafts, free grafts, and flaps are coded? Do these differences seem reasonable in light of the purposes of these procedures?
Free grafts and transfer grafts are coded to the recipient site. [ The primary difference between these two graft types is that free grafts are detached from the donor site, which may be some distance from the recipient site, and transfer grafts remain attached to the donor site to promote blood flow. In both cases, the result of the initial procedure is the grafting at the recipient site. In
the case of flaps, there is generally a need to grow new skin before a graft can be placed on the recipient site. In this case, coding is done to the donor site until the actual transfer occurs. This makes sense because it is the donor site that is the focus of the procedure in this case, whereas in the other two cases, it is the recipient site that is the focal point. ]
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Asked 8/16/2012 9:52:04 AM
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