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Q: Which two societies could definitely be called civilizations? Egypt and China Mesopotamia and Egypt Indus Valley and Pastoral China and Mycenaeans Mesopotamia and Indus Valley
A: China and Mycenaeans
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User: Oracle bones were used to predict the future. True False

User: Which two societies could definitely be called civilizations? Egypt and China Mesopotamia and Egypt Indus Valley and Pastoral China and Mycenaeans Mesopotamia and Indus Valley

Weegy: China and Mycenaeans
ArianCla|Points 0|

User: What one characteristic did all six societies share? religion moral code technology large cities

Weegy: What one characteristic did all six societies share? technology
selymi|Points 10016|

User: How are ancient and modern civilizations similar?

User: Domesticated animals provided what three things for pastoral people? source of food source for something to do source of milk, hides, and wool source of money source of power

Weegy: source of food source for something to do source of milk, hides, and wool source of money source of power
ven2|Points 50|

User: In what ways did the plow benefit societies?

Weegy: It churned up the ground so every year there would be less weeds. And there would be better crops then when there wasn't a plow. [ It also help spread nutrients through the soil when it was churned and the nutrients helped with healthier food, it also saved time planting and churning it yourself, and it gave people more space to grow food. ]
Laserpatty|Points 21|

User: The Code of Hammurabi is a product of this civilization. Mesopotamian Indus Mycenaean Minoan

Weegy: The answer is A. Mesopotamian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hammurabi (Akkadian from Amorite ?Ammur?pi, "the kinsman is a healer", from ?Ammu, "paternal kinsman", and R?pi, "healer"; (died c. [ 1750 BC)) was the sixth king of Babylon (that is, of the First Babylonian Dynasty) from 1792 BC to 1750 BC middle chronology (1728 BC ? 1686 BC short chronology)[2] He became the first king of the Babylonian Empire following the abdication of his father, Sin-Muballit, extending Babylon's control over Mesopotamia by winning a series of wars against neighboring kingdoms.[3] Although his empire controlled all of Mesopotamia at the time of his death, his successors were unable to maintain his empire. Hammurabi is known for the set of laws called Hammurabi's Code, one of the first written codes of law in recorded history.[citation needed] These laws were inscribed on stone tablets (stelae) standing over eight feet tall (2.4 meters), of unknown provenance, found in Persia in 1901. Owing to his reputation in modern times as an ancient law-giver, Hammurabi's portrait is in many government buildings throughout the world. ]
jher000|Points 7981|

User: The _____ society did not have a centralized government. Egyptian Pastoral Mycenaean Indus Valley

Weegy: D. Indus Valley
OxTornado007|Points 6649|

User: History is the interaction between _____. people companies environment civilizations ideas

User: This valley is situated between the nations of Pakistan and India. Nile Yangtze Euphrates Indus

Weegy: D. Indus
bdhouston|Points 752|

User: _____ was home to the Minoan people. Crete Cyprus Cuba

Weegy: A. Crete.The Minoans lived on Crete a large island on the southern edge of the Aegean Sea.
ANGEEELICA|Points 7867|

User: The chariot was first used as a weapon by the _____. Egyptians Persians Hittites Greeks

Weegy: C. Hittites
koaley|Points 6262|

User: The Epic of _____ tells the story of a mythological king and a worldwide flood. Gilmond Gilliand Gilgamesh Gilthen

Weegy: The Epic of Gilgamesh
justpretty|Points 1771|

User: Match the kind of writing with the civilization that made it famous. 1. Hieroglyphics Egypt 2. Linear Indus 3. Cuneiform Mesopotamia 4. Pictographs Mycenaean

Weegy: 1. Egypt - hieroglyphs 2. Mesopotamia - cuneiform 3. Mycenaean - Linear 4. Indus - Pictographs
Markenzo|Points 20|

Asked 2/1/2013 7:39:42 AM
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