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Transcendentalism, a subgenre of American Romanticism, was based in which of the following beliefs? the natural and spiritual world are connected. reason separates man from the animals. the needs of society are greater than the needs of the individual. American values should align with Greek and Roman values.
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Transcendentalist, a subgenre of American Romanticism, was based in the natural and spiritual world are connected.
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Which of the following words is a synonym for dauntless? A) bored, B) confident, C) fearful, or D) handsome?
Weegy: The synonym for the word dauntless is: B) confident. (More)
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Asked 10/10/2012 9:46:32 AM
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Describe what the literary movement Romanticism valued.
Weegy: The movement validated strong emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic experience, placing new emphasis on such emotions as apprehension, horror and terror, [ and awe—especially that which is experienced in confronting the sublimity of untamed nature and its picturesque qualities, both new aesthetic categories. It elevated folk art and ancient custom to something noble, made spontaneity a desirable characteristic (as in the musical impromptu), and argued for a "natural" epistemology of human activities as conditioned by nature in the form of language and customary usage. Romanticism reached beyond the rational and Classicist ideal models to elevate a revived medievalism and elements of art and narrative perceived to be authentically medieval in an attempt to escape the confines of population growth, urban sprawl, and industrialism, and it also attempted to embrace the exotic, unfamiliar, and distant in modes more authentic than Rococo chinoiserie, harnessing the power of the imagination to envision and to escape. Although the movement was rooted in the German Sturm und Drang movement, which prized intuition and emotion over Enlightenment rationalism, the ideologies and events of the French Revolution laid the background from which both Romanticism and the Counter-Enlightenment emerged. The confines of the Industrial Revolution also had their influence on Romanticism, which was in part an escape from modern realities; indeed, in the second half of the 19th century, "Realism" was offered as a polarized opposite to Romanticism.[6] Romanticism elevated the achievements of what it perceived as heroic individualists and artists, whose pioneering examples would elevate society. It also legitimized the individual imagination as a critical authority, which permitted freedom from classical notions of form in art. There was a strong recourse to historical and natural inevitability, a Zeitgeist, in the representation of its ideas. ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 10/10/2012 10:07:40 AM
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Briefly describe what the literary movement Romanticism valued.
Weegy: Romanticism An artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century and characterized by a heightened interest in nature, emphasis on the individual's expression of emotion and imagination, [ departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and conventions. ] (More)
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Asked 10/10/2012 10:24:28 AM
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Briefly describe Poe’s requirements for the short story genre.
Weegy: What Poe essentially asked was that short fiction be written in the manner of lyric poetry. [ Poets had traditionally aimed at integrating every element of style and theme to create a unified effect, but Poe's requirement was a revolutionary standard to apply to prose fiction, which had traditionally been more loosely constructed and casually executed. (Poe, a veteran magazine editor and journalist, perhaps applied the standards of the professional writer to the usually amateur procedures of early nineteenth-century short fiction.) Poe's review also made another revolutionary gesture—not usually noted by later critics. He proclaimed the short story, previously the underdog of literary forms, to be the greatest prose genre—"unquestionably the fairest field for the exercise of the loftiest talent, which can be afforded by the wide domains of mere prose." The short story's great advantage, Poe maintained, was its ideal length, which was ample enough to produce "an intense and enduring impression" but short enough to be experienced at one sitting to produce a temporary "exultation of the soul" in the reader. The short story's length allowed the artist the opportunity to unify the total work for a single effect—to transform it, that is, from a mere narrative into a perfectly integrated work of art. In effect, Poe had described a literary tradition that hardly existed in 1842 outside a few tales by Hawthorne and himself. His visionary aesthetic, however, would prove prophetic to literature not only in America but also around the world. ] (More)
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Asked 10/10/2012 11:14:20 AM
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