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Q: HEMODIALYSIS PROGRESS NOTE LOCATION: Inpatient, Hospital PATIENT: Sandra Amada ATTENDING PHYSICIAN: George Orbitz, MD HEMODIALYSIS PROGRESS NOTE: The patient is seen and examined during hemodialysis.
The patient appears to be hemodynamically stable, not in any form of respiratory distress or compromise. LABORATORY STUDIES: Latest labs were performed 4 weeks ago. Hemogram shows an H&H (hematocrit and hemoglobin) of 8.6/26.2. WBC (white blood count) is 9.9, normochromic/normocytic indices. Platelets are 143. There is left shift of 81.1% neutrophils. Sodium is 139, potassium 4, chloride 98, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is 30.7, BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine 31/3.4, glucose 121, and calcium 8.2. What claim form will be submitted for the physician’s services?
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Asked 8/31/2012 1:41:41 PM
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