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How do you use the principles of critical thinking in making sexual decisions
CheckPoint: Value Systems, Critical Thinking, Sexual Decision Making The value system that I most relate to would be the rationalism approach. I tend to stop, step back, and look at the whole situation before I make any type of decision. [ I look at the pros and cons of doing anything. I used to be a very impulsive person when it came to making any decisions that needed to be made. I would just
act without thinking about the consequences, and now it seems that I am the complete opposite. Now instead of having many, one-night-affairs, I have had a domesticated partner that I am with for five years now. He and I have decided that marriage is not our “forte” but I will go into marriage and the different reasons as to why and why not in another paper. Secondarily, I relate to the situational ethics approach. I feel that it is very important for a person to base their decisions on their own judgments. They should not give into “peer pressures” or “social pressures”. Many people are against abortion. I, myself, grew up as a person who never thought I would have one, but when I had already had one pre-mature, and special needs child, and this new baby was more than likely going to cause us both some medical problems, including maybe death, I change my view points on how I should look at a lot of different situations in life[NLM1] . It made me think critically in a few ways that we will discuss momentarily. I do not feel that I relate to any of the approaches that involve a person making a choice because of their religion. I really do think people should do what they feel is in their best interest, not what others think is their best interest. This keeps me from following the legalism, ethical relativism, asceticism, and utilitarianism approaches. I do however, agree and find the hedonism approach to be a valid approach. I believe that we are on this planet for too short of a time to stop and if it makes you happy, then go for it! ]
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