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While building a fence, Simon did 1150 Joules of work in 50 seconds. What is Simon's power? A. 18 W B. 22 W C. 23 W D. 28 W
Weegy: The answer is C.23 W. (P=w/t=1150/50=23W) User: A lion runs 54 meters in 8 seconds. During this time, the force of the lion's paws on the ground is 120 N. How much power is the lion generating? A. 650 W B. 742 W C. 780 W D. 810 W Weegy: Power=Energy Transfered/Time(seconds) Power=(120*54/)8 Power=6480/8 Power=810 D. 810 W User: Moira is lifting boxes. If each box weighs 80 N, she lifts 3 boxes, and she lifts each box 1 meter into the trunk of her car, how much power is she using if she lifts all the boxes in 30 seconds? A. 8 W B. 10 W C. 12 W D. 14 W Weegy: It is: A. 8 W User: Which of the following is an example of a wedge? A. a mop B. an axe C. a wheel D. a door knob Weegy: An axe is an example of a wedge. User: Which type of lever is your forearm? A. first class B. second class C. third class D. fourth class Weegy: C. Third Class User: Which simple machine would be least helpful if you wanted to lift an object? A. lever B. pulley C. inclined plane D. wheel and axle Weegy: A. Lever (More)
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the transfer of thermal energy User: Mechanical waves use matter to ...
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