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Q: How does a sundial work? How would you build a sundial differently in Canada from one in Mexico?
A: Time zones also affect the placement of the numbers on a sundial. This figure is represented by your longitude reading. [ If you are not proficient in math, it is best to buy a sundial from someone who has already calculated the longitude and latitude of your area. They will have the numbers set up for you exactly where they need to be. There are three main types of sundials- the
horizontal dial, vertical south dial and the analemmatic dial. The horizontal dial is mounted parallel to the earth's surface and is the easiest of the three sundials to read. It can tell you the time from sun-up to sun-down. The vertical south dial is usually placed on a tree or outdoor object that is facing south. This sundial is attractive and unique which makes it the topic of many conversations. Finally, the analemmatic dial is placed parallel to the earth's surface like the horizontal sundial. The difference is that the gnomon is a rod that has to be moved each day. There is a hole for each day of the year and the rod must be transferred each day. It isn't as reliable as the other two dials and can be hard to read. You may also want to add a secondary set of numbers to be displayed for daylight savings time. The sundial can not be automated so it would be very difficult to adjust it to tell the new time. If you add some numbers underneath, you will be able to correctly tell the time without having to get a whole new sundial. Read more: How Does a Sundial Work? | eHow ]
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Asked 5/23/2013 10:04:45 PM
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