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List the actions you would take as an investigator to solve the problem of credit card theft if the same offender were committing it in more than one jurisdiction.
When an individual is first "booked" or a warrant of arrest is issued, that person's name is likely to be entered into the county data base and the state's criminal records data base. [ In California, this system is called the Criminal Identification Index (CII). In the situation of criminal identity theft, the name and other identifying information such as Social Security number that appear in
the data bases are that of the victim. The information is also likely to be entered into the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data base ( Victims of criminal identity theft should assume that information is maintained in local, state, and federal criminal history files. This presents a problem for the victim. The usual method of query by law enforcement into the various criminal justice data bases is by name, date of birth, and/or drivers' license number. Yet, law enforcement relies on the accuracy of such information for their investigations. ]
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what actions would you take as an investigator to solve the problem of art theft if the offender was committing the crime in more than one jurisdiction?
Weegy: The Investigative Process One way to keep the goals of an investigative process in focus is to visualize how your organization?s procedures and decisions might be viewed in an outside forum, such as a local newspaper or court. [ [ [ You should be confident that your investigative process and decision would be considered fair if held up to public scrutiny. These five elements should be part of every investigative process: 1. A Written Policy. This policy is management?s opportunity to explain the investigative process and its purpose. Generally, the purpose of an investigation is to discover the facts necessary to make a decision about a particular employment issue. A written policy also tells employees what to expect from the process and emphasizes its fairness and objectiveness. The policy should outline steps for initiating the process, the actual investigation (including fact finding and interviewing witnesses), proper documentation, the final decision, and the communication of the results (see ?Making and Communicating Decisions,? below). The policy does not have to be a separate one. Rather, most employers incorporate an investigatory procedure into their policy on the handling of complaints, disputes, or grievances. 2. A Trained and Objective Investigator. The qualifications and demeanor of the person conducting the investigation will have a major influence on everyone?s perception of fairness. Ideally, the person should be specially trained and experienced in human relations, employment law, and conflict resolution. Many employers use their internal HR professionals in this role. However, if a person with these qualifications is not available internally, you should use an outside expert. Likewise, an outside investigator may be appropriate if the investigation is particularly sensitive or legally complex. 3. Timely Process. A commitment to complete the investigation in a timely manner reinforces the perception of fairness. ... (More)
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