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Q: You are the new Manager of HR in a company that has been growing quickly for several years. Recently, the organization has slowed and revenue is stagnant. The CEO has asked you to figure out a way to
bring in talented job candidates who can help get the company back on a growth trajectory. You decide the best place to get started is to establish a solid selection process. (a) Produce, in your own words, a model that demonstrates the most important steps in the selection process. (b) Briefly sketch out how you would implement this model. (Points : 30) 2. (TCO 2) You are hearing from managers that they just want to hire people to fill open positions and don’t have time for all this legal compliance stuff. These managers are in a rush to fill critical positions and feel that the time HR takes to ensure staffing tools are prepared properly and stand up to legal scrutiny gets in the way of moving faster. (a) Outline an argument that points out how the relationship between having selection tools that are within sound measurement parameters actually helps the organization reach its goals. (b) Classify and define the various components of a solid measurement program so that the managers can understand what goes into providing useful selection tools. (Points : 30) 3. (TCO 3) You are the HR Manager of a medium-size organization and have been requested by the VP of Operations to put together a presentation for the new managers in the department on the key points of the ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act). (a) Articulate the key points you would want to include, such as coverage level and key terms. (b) Prepare at least one relevant example of how an employer can increase its compliance with this regulation. In other words, what steps can be taken (that are selection-related) to help an employer stay in compliance. (Be sure to cite properly if you borrow ANY verbiage from our text or other source.) (c) Outline your ideas about the value of the ADEA to the organization. (Points : 32) 4. (TCO 4) You are now in a situation where you are working with a hiring manager who doesn’t understand the meaning of KSAs and behavioral competencies. The best way to help this person so that he or she can help you with the Job Analysis is to provide examples. (a) Create two Knowledge statements, two Skill statements, and two Ability statements for EACH of the following positions. Make the statements as specific as possible and be sure to identify each statement with a K, S, or A: Executive Assistant to the Company President, Computer Repair Technician, and Horseback Riding Instructor. (b) Think of a position that you are familiar with and compose a list of five behavioral competencies that are important and impact the position. (c) Design a process to conduct a Job Analysis in order to collect information on the KSAs and behavioral competencies. (Points : 32) 5. (TCO 5) You are trying to support a manager who will be required to interview candidates for a new Customer Service Rep position that was recently approved. This manager needs help in creating interview questions. (a) Create four original (meaning, written by YOU) interview questions that will help to specifically determine if candidates possess customer service KSAs for a Customer Service Rep position. (b) Design two original behavioral competency questions that relate to this position. (c) Select two of the interviewing skills listed below and write an e-mail to persuade the manager of the importance of these two skills within the interviewing process. · Note taking in a comprehensive, yet non-intrusive manner · Using effective listening skills · Maintaining control during the interview · Foster an environment of open communication · Being consistent with questions (e.g., use structured interviewing questions) · Portray a professional attitude (e.g., do your best to represent the company well) (Points : 32) 6. (TCO 6) You just purchased a children’s amusement park and need to hire a staff to help you run the organization. Part of the hiring process is to make use of various assessment tools, such as checking references, criminal records, driving records, etc. (a) Generate a report that addresses the value of each of the various background checks (not limited to what is mentioned above). What useable information do you get? How do you use this information to make a hiring decision? (b) Further, compile for each background/assessment tool the reasons why or why not you would select it. Keep in mind both the business reasons and legal ramifications. Provide a comprehensive answer. (c) Finally, recommend the tool that you believe is the most useful, and briefly justify your answer. (Be sure to cite properly if you borrow ANY verbiage from our text or other source.) (Points : 32) 7. (TCO 7) You are the supervisor of Claire, the department's administrative support person. She is typically a good performer, but lately her work has been slipping a bit. She has been making careless mistakes, which is unusual for her. Typos on reports, forgetting to order refreshments for regularly held meetings, handing out incomplete packets to the department's new hires are a few examples. (a) Outline some coaching fundamentals that you should keep in mind when talking to Claire. (b) Devise a detailed plan indicating how you would proceed to help Claire improve. (c) Design a development plan to help Claire improve. (Be sure to cite properly if you borrow ANY verbiage from our text, course materials, or other source.) (Points : 30) 8. (TCO 8) You are putting together a report for the management team about why employees seem to leave the organization after only a couple of years or even less. The management team will also want to know more about what can be done to retain employees. (a) Assemble the reasons that people typically leave any organization, and explain each one. (b) Compile some of the organizational costs related to high turnover in the organization. Explain where the costs associated with turnover can be found in the organization. (c) Finally, devise recommendations to reduce turnover and increase retention that will convince the managers that your plan will be effective. (
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