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3.7 2.2 Explain the importance of designing services around the needs of children and young people.
Each child and young person will have a differing set of needs, [ requirements and barriers that can prevent them accessing ways of achieving success. The five outomes of every child matters provides a requirement for settings to aim high for the children in their care ensuring they have the opportunity to acheive each one of them. It's also ECM that each country's early years framework is in
existance for, to fulfil - eyfs, foundation phase, foundation stage, pre-birth to 3 & curriculum for excellence. Children's trusts are designed to achieve the outcomes of ECM through identifying needs, refferal and multi agency working - what are children's trusts from DoH You'll need a way to find out what the child's views, ideas, preferences and what their own goals are, their stage of development - the area early years practioners can contribute significantly too, and if there are any medical needs, disability, impairements to be taken into account. Working with parents and carers will also enable you to find out about cultural and background information. To help accomplish this.. understand how important an individual is, their circumstances and their background. be able to listen to what's said verbally and non verbally be able and willing to ask questions allow the time necessary for information to be given, for it to be understood and absorbed. work with children and young people to share ideas and experiences organise and plan with care ............... ]
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2.4. Explain how to support children and young people according to their age, needs and abilities to make personal choices and experiences that have a positive impact on their lives.
Weegy: Allow them to express thoughts, [ [ views and opinions and listen to them.Offer constructive and fair advice.Complete activities that will allow them to make decisions and make choices.Be there to support throughout process of decisions making and when things may go wrong. ] ] (More)
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