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8 ways in which road accidents have an impact on communities within south africa
Some of the most important factors known to increase the risk of accidents and/or increase the severity of accidents can be listed as follows; Road User Factors: Inexperienced, young, and reckless drivers, [ driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, ignorance of traffic rules and regulations; and reluctance to use safety devices such as safety belts and helmets. Vehicle factors: Worn
tires, poor brakes, and non-functional lights; overloading of public service vehicles and trucks; use of unsuitable vehicles like pickups for transport of passengers; and poor crashworthiness design. Road Factors: High or no speed limits and poor visual guidance; poorly controlled intersections and uncontrolled access; narrow roads, poor alignment standards, and poor maintenance of pavement and shoulders; and steep ditches and hard objects near the road. Traffic and Environmental Factors: Mix of motorized and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians; poor traffic management and enforcement of the traffic code; darkness and inclement weather conditions; and inadequate emergency medical services. Economic pressure factors have also become more important following the liberalization of road transport services, as intense competition for passengers have resulted in more speeding and reckless driving by drivers of public service vehicles. Though all these factors contribute to higher accident risks and give a lead on where corrective actions may be taken, it is clear that any countermeasures need to be undertaken as a part of a comprehensive program to be effective. ]
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