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Q: name five aspects of employment relating to age that fall under the protection of the equality act 2010
A: The Equality Act 2010 became law on 1 October 2010. [ It combined almost all of the UK?s anti-discrimination laws into one single law, expanding the coverage and content of some of those laws. ?Equality' in this context is used to describe the treatment of people in certain categories, who may face or are seen to face a disadvantage not faced by the rest of the population. The people in
those categories are described in the Equality Act as ?the protected categories' because the Equality Act and antidiscrimination laws before it, seeks to protect people seen to be at a disadvantage from discrimination. ?Discrimination' here refers to the treatment of a person within a category, less favourably than others in another category or the rest of the population in general. Anti-discrimination laws are laws meant to make discrimination unlawful against people in protected categories and indeed to define what those protected categories are Recruitment ? enquiries about disability and health Specific contracts ? a firm also must not discriminate against or victimise its partners in: the terms on which they are appointed partners Retirement age A retirement age may be included in a contract by an employer where there is objective justification for a retirement age. This is now known as the employer justified retirement age, which is explained below. The former default retirement age The default retirement age was introduced by the Employment Equality Age Regulations of 2006 and by law absorbed into the Equality Act 2010. The default retirement age has been abolished since 1 October 2011. What the abolition of the default retirement age means is that employers will no longer be able to force employees to retire at the age of 65. The only exception to this is where it can be objectively justified, i.e. where there is a compelling, lawful and fair reason for a retirement age. However, it will now be a matter of individual contracts, rather than a legal requirement. ]
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Asked 5/23/2013 6:50:43 AM
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