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After looking at the three Electronic Health Record (EHR) software provider Web sites which of the three do you find the most useful? Why?
Here are three list of EHR software, it's usefulness actually depends on what is your company's demand. MediTouch EHR Electronic Health Record Software Meditouch EHR is a cloud-based option compatible with iPad tablets, Apple, and Window computers. [ Known for its ease of use and customization, Meditouch EHR is ARRA/HITECH stimulus ready and ONC-ATCB certified. Kareo Kareo integrates with
several web-based certified EHRs, making it ideal for small and solo practices. Priding itself on showing physicians the "financial big picture," this system compares charges, adjustments, and more. 2013 Waiting Room Solutions Waiting Room Solutions is a Web-based EHR built "by specialists, for specialists." ONC-ATCB and CCHIT 2011 certified, its features such as e-prescribing help data to efficiently and accurately flow in small and medium practices. ]
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Asked 6/25/2013 5:34:27 PM
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