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Genes that carry contrasting inheritance factors are called
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User: Genes that carry contrasting inheritance factors are called

Weegy: Heterozygotes
workaholicmom|Points 4413|

User: Gregor Mendel is considered the Father of ?

Weegy: * Born: 22 July 1822 * Birthplace: Hyncice, Moravia (now Czech Republic) * Died: 6 January 1884 * Best Known As: The founding father of modern genetics A monk with a scientific streak, [ Mendel made botanical discoveries which became the basis of modern genetics. His careful cross-breeding of thousands of pea plants led Mendel to key insights, now called Mendel's Laws of Heredity, about how inherited traits are passed on from generation to generation. As a young man Mendel entered the St. Thomas Monastery in Br?nn, Austria (now Brno, the Czech Republic). He devoted much of his time to teaching and scientific inquiry. Between 1856 and 1863 he catalogued successive generations of pea plants with statistical precision, looking for clues to how traits like color and shape were reproduced. Among his findings were the law of segregation (which includes the notion of dominant and recessive genes) and the law of independent assortment (which says that an organism's individual traits are passed on independently of one another). Mendel published Experiments in Plant Hybridization in 1865, but his theories were not widely embraced until the 1900s. Mendel was made abbot of the St. Thomas Monastery in 1868... His birthplace of Hyncice is also known by its former German name, Heinzendorf. ]
ANGEEELICA|Points 1058|

User: When neither gene in a genotype pair is dominant and neither gene is recessive, the genes are said to be

Weegy: b
selymi|Points 992|

User: A family has seven sons. The chance that their eighth child will be a daughter is

User: Which cross will yield four phenotypes in the 1:1:1:1 ratio

User: Mendel's principle of segregation implies that the two members of an allelic pair of genes

User: The main function of __what___ tissue is communication between different parts of the body

Weegy: Nerve tissue's main function is to communicate between the body.
Expert answered|mchlklck|Points 242|

User: Leukocytes ?

Weegy: Leukocytes are white cell, white blood cell; a colorless blood corpuscle capable of ameboid movement, [ whose chief function is to protect the body against microorganisms causing disease and which may be classified in two main groups: granular and nongranular. ]
Expert answered|mchlklck|Points 242|

User: Squamous cells are part of what part of tissue ?

Weegy: Flat, surface covering cells are called squamous cells, for example the skin, the lining of the throat, cervix or food pipe.
Expert answered|sharpies|Points 414|

Asked 2/9/2011 5:01:57 PM
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