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Q: 3.1 Explain the partnership model of working with carers
A: Stage 1: Partnership characteristics The characteristics of effective partnership working identified in current research and outlined at the beginning of this section provide the basis of an initial ?partnership curriculum?, [ which can be drawn on by social work educators. Research suggests effective rather than tokenistic elements of partnership working include: sharing demonstrating
respect redressing power inequality networking. Although these characteristics have not always been identified specifically in social work or social work education contexts, they are congruent with social work values and can be applied to the complex partnerships required in social work education. ............. This approach to partnership learning is incomplete or ?weak? since: learning takes place only within the social work educator?s frame of reference partnership is not modelled throughout the educational process. Stage 2: Partnership networks At this stage partnership education is enhanced by the involvement of a network of stakeholders, including practitioners, people who use servics and their carers, students and educational establishments, in different aspects of partnership education. This has the potential to contribute a range of perspectives and experience to the educational process and to model good ?partnership in action?. This guide identifies a range of examples of creative practice in relation to stakeholder involvement, and recent developments highlighted in this section (see Developments in partnership working) also suggest that educators are continuing to develop their understanding of partnership work in order to model effective partnership working and enhance learning opportunities. ........... Stage 3: The ?partnership cube? The third stage of the model outlined here suggests that a stronger model of partnership working needs to combine knowledge about the characteristics of effective partnership working drawn from research, with knowledge and experience of good partnership practice derived from all aspects of the educational process. ]
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