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How comfortable are you with the credibility of the information you find on the Internet? For example, consider websites such as,,,, and so
on. What, if anything, makes you comfortable about the credibility of these sources? Why?
In getting information online, one must check the credibility of the website. Not all online information are accurate and reliable.
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Asked 9/24/2012 7:47:36 AM
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During this election, do you ever find yourself following a political story or candidate on the Internet? Did you follow similar stories on candidates through television or in your local paper? What were the differences between Internet reporting and television/newspaper reporting? In your opinion, what are the general effects of the Internet on politics?
Weegy: When computers and the internet first asserted themselves in Americans' cultural imagination in the early 1990s, some foresaw a golden era of politics. [ [ As citizens gained more access to information and as their voices could more easily be projected into political discourse via bulletin boards, Web sites and listservs, candidates would have more reason to communicate directly with voters. Campaigns would become cheaper and more honest, while the power of lobbyists, political action committees, consultants and other middlemen would fade.1 Recently, as we've gained more experience with our new technological toys, a less optimistic take has emerged: Forget the golden era; through partisan blogs, political web sites and customized news, the internet only hardens our views, polarizes our politics and contributes to the nation's red and blue divides. So, is the internet the lever for direct democracy? Or is it a wedge for political polarization? Either conclusion may prove too simple. To understand how technology might reshape politics in the years ahead, consider what we've learned from the initial decade of online campaigning, and the degree to which both our fears and hopes have been realized. Let's consider the record on various assertions about its impact: The internet has transformed political fundraising, advertising and mobilization. Not so much. However you measure it, online fundraising has indeed increased substantially since 1998, the first year for which we have meaningful data. The growth lines cannot be plotted on a chart with total confidence, because of inconsistencies in Federal Election Communications reporting requirements and industry tabulations and because software packages for campaigns don't require lots of specific detail on these issues. It's clear that the previous highwater mark for online fundraising - the reported $80 million raised in internet donations by John Kerry in 2004 - is sure to be topped in 2008. This year, the ... (More)
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Updated 9/25/2012 8:15:19 PM
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Please don't copy and paste large blocks of text without citing your source
You also didn't answer the question the user asked about THIS election. If you can't answer the question, just pass to another expert.
Added 9/25/2012 8:15:20 PM
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