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Supervisors and other employees you have worked with would describe your self-discipline as:
First and foremost, highlight those aspects about you that make you the best fit for the job interview. [ If you are applying for the position of a Manager, speak about your outgoing personality and mention that you are a friendly, amiable and cheerful person with a good sense of humour. A manager must also be a team player as well as an organised, responsible and result driven individual. List
your positive qualities and remember that more than a sentence on each is not necessary. Writing too much only takes up time and can even make you sound like a bragster. List the basic and general qualities like artistic, talented, creative, innovative and perceptive. It is important to not be shy but, at the same time, do not sound like a ‘pompous-arrogant-nose-in-the-air’. Be honest – it is still the best policy. Communicative and articulate are qualities everybody mentions but very few have so, mention these qualities if you are truly a people’s person. Answer on the lines of, “I am a (the job position for which you are applying) and I have (state the number of years of experience that you have) in (the industry which you are working in). I want to be (a job position which is a few levels above the current position for which you are applying) in 5 to 10 years.” It is always good to counter question a ‘Describe yourself’ question by politely enquiring which area about yourself you need to stress upon. Sometimes, you are specifically asked to speak about your qualifications or your experience while sometimes, they ask you to speak about yourself in general. The latter situation demands you to speak about yourself the way you will if someone asks you to describe your best friend or a sibling or even a parent. ]
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Asked 3/24/2013 11:30:10 PM
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