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Q: Describe the aids and equipment that may be used for moving and positioning
A: There are a vast range of moving and handling aids available. [ They are suitable for different levels of mobility/immobility as well. There are "banana" boards, which are shaped like a boomerang, and are used by people that have upper body mobility, but immobility or weakness in their lower body to transfer themselves from bed to chair. You have macines for transferring/moving people like
standing and raising aids, which consist of a strap that goes around the back and under the arms and is then attached to a machine on a wheeled base that helps the person to stand and you can then move them from chair to bed/toilet etc. There are hoists, which consist of a hammock like sling which is placed underneath a person, and then attached (usually at four places) to a central arm of the hoist which then lifts the person and you can then rtasnfer them from bed to chair etc. You can get bath slings which enable you to use the hoist for bathing too. There are ambulifts, which is basically a chair attached to a winch which then enables you to lift the person and transfer them into the bath. There are slip sheets, which is a slidy sheet that you place underneath the person and it is used to move them up and down their bed. There are "PAT" slides, which are used to transfer people from trolley to bed. There are little things that the person can hold and then use them to move themselves up the bed in stages. (Their name escapes me, but they look like big mushrooms! LOL) There are little ladders that you can attach to the end of a bed which the person can the use to move themselves up and down the bed. There are many. many more as well. That's just a starter. If you know or can get in touch with a physiotherapist, ask them too as they may well know more that I am not aware of. ]
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Asked 6/28/2013 4:02:54 AM
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