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Q: Read the excerpt from "Going for Water" by Robert Frost. The barren boughs without the leaves, Without the birds, without the breeze. What sound effect does the poet use in these lines?
onomatopoeia alliteration ab rhyme scheme assonance Question #5Matching Score: Match the term to the definition. 1. literature judgment of the quality and value of a work 2. canon moving forward 3. artistic merit lasting over time 4. perennial the quality or condition of being genuine 5. progressive used and understood by all 6. traditional pertaining to time-honored doctrines 7. authentic any complete list of books within a field 8. universal recorded language with recognized value Question #6MultipleChoice Score: Read the passage. "I wonder where this river really does begin " Tip mused.That was an old and a favorite mystery which the map did not clearly explain. On the map the little black line stopped somewhere in western Kansas; but since rivers generally rose in mountains, it was only reasonable to suppose that ours came from the Rockies. Its destination, we knew, was the Missouri, and the Hassler boys always maintained that we could embark at Sandtown in floodtime, follow our noses, and eventually arrive at New Orleans. (from "The Enchanted Bluff" by Willa Cather) From what point of view is this selection told? first personsecond personthird person limitedomniscient Question #7MultipleChoice Score: Read the poem by Emily Dickinson. XXX. Faith is a fine invention For gentlemen who see; But microscopes are prudent In an emergency! What do the microscopes symbolize in this poem? GlassesSeeing is believinga new inventionthe unexpected Question #8MultipleChoice Score: When can an essay writer cite only the page number of a source in parentheses? only when the source is well knownonly when the source is named in the text itselfonly when there is only one source usedThis is never correct. Question #9MultipleChoice Score: Which best describes the literary form known as the novel? a masculine form of high arta fast-paced, compressed dramaa lengthy, fictional storya sentimentalized retelling of human events Question #10MultipleSelect Score: Skipped Which of these would be included in the process of writing both a critique and a short story? Select all that apply. outliningdraftingrevisingproofreading Question #11MultipleChoice Score: Read the poem by Emily Dickinson. XXXV When first my way to fair I took Few pence in purse had I, And long I used to stand and look At things I could not buy. Now times are altered: if I care To buy a thing, I can; The pence are here and here's the fair, But where's the lost young man? - To think that two and two are four And neither five nor three The heart of man has long been sore And long 'tis like to be. What type of figurative language is best illustrated in this poem? simileironyunderstatementsymbol Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Iin Pygmalion, which of these best describes the effect the unexpected inheritance has on Alfred Doolittle? He is finally able to live life the way he wants.He feels trapped by responsibility and expectation.He stops worrying about what other people think of him.He welcomes the opportunity to share his wealth with needy relatives. Question #13MultipleChoice Score: Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, and Guglielmo Marconi have which of these in common? Their inventions made it possible to transmit information over long distances in short periods of time.They were the first reporters of "breaking news" using Morse Code.They worked together to broadcast the letter "S" across the Atlantic Ocean.Their radio broadcast transmitted the first actual sound. Question #14MultipleChoice Score: Read the quotation from Pygmalion. The advantages of that poor woman who was here just now! The manners and habits that disqualify a fine lady from earning her own living without giving her a fine lady's income! Is that what you mean? Which of these themes is best illustrated in this passage? Social class systems only work when people stay within their class.Education offers fewer options for women.Manners are the key to success.Money is the only advantage in life. Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Which of these best explains the purpose of the Fairness Doctrine? It guaranteed anyone the right to create a frequency to transmit TV programming.It made it illegal for licensed TV broadcasting companies to speak out against the government.It required that licensed TV networks present controversial issues in balanced way.It controlled how TV broadcasters presented alternative viewpoints. Question #16MultipleChoice Score: Which of these best explains the effect of the invention of the printing press? It made ideas and knowledge more accessible to an information-thirsty public.It led to the invention of moveable type and better quality paper.It gave those in lower social classes greater access to original works.It changed the way people interpreted the Bible. Question #17MultipleChoice Score: Meter in poetry is determined by which of these? the arrangement and repetition of beats or accents in each poetic linethe repetition of consonants that appear at the beginning of wordsthe use of words that sound like the sounds that they describethe pattern in which similar end-sounds occur in a poetic line Question #18MultipleChoice Score: The conflict(s) in "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" is/are between _____. the stranger and the narratorthe narrator and Simon WheelerJim Smiley and the narrator and between Simon Wheeler and the strangerJim Smiley and the stranger and between Simon Wheeler and narrator Question #19MultipleChoice Score: George Bernard Shaw saw his plays as a way to do which of these? inspire his audience to use force to change societyinfluence the culture with his Socialistic ideasimprove the conditions of the upper classexpress his support of capitalism Question #20TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped The Roman playwright who used puns in his farces was AristotlePlautusTerrenceSeneca . Question #21MultipleChoice Score: Which of these is not a reason for the collapse of the Fairness Doctrine? Networks wanted to decide content based on their viewers.Networks believed their freedom of speech was being violated.Technology allowed more people to participate in the broadcast industry.The public felt it no longer needed the FCC to protect their interests. Question #22MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Media pieces circulated in America during the latter half of the 18th century_____. criticized England's rule over Americaexplained the benefits of the Constitution to the publichelped the Federalists establish a central governmentsparked the American Independence Movementended the Revolutionary Warchallenged freedom of speech and religion Question #23TrueFalse Score: The FCC was created to ensure shared network control and responsibility of the airwaves, while The War of the Worlds panic taught that consumers also needed to share in that responsibility. TrueFalse Question #24MultipleChoice Score: Read the poem by Emily Dickinson. XXXII. Portraits are to daily faces As an evening west To a fine, pedantic sunshine In a satin vest. What two things are being compared in this poem? sunshine and a satin vestfaces and portraitssunshine and sunsetportraits and sunset Question #25MultipleChoice Score: Media coverage of Hurricane Katrina can best be described as which kind of journalism? biasedpublic serviceinsignificantratings driven Question #26MultipleChoice Score: Who plays the part of Ovid's Pygmalion in Shaw's play, Pygmalion? HigginsElizaPickeringGalatea Question #27Matching Score: Match the character in Pygmalion with his/her description. 1. Henry Higgins transformed flower girl 2. Eliza Doolittle dignified lady 3. Colonel Pickering disreputable dustman 4. Alfred Doolittle considerate gentleman 5. Mrs. Higgins lovesick coward 6. Mrs. Pearce professor of phonetics 7. Freddy Eynsford Hill perceptive housekeeper Question #28MultipleChoice Score: Greek drama developed directly from which of these? religious ceremoniesanimal sacrificesroyal celebrationsEgyptian legends Question #29MultipleChoice Score: Read the excerpt. Blair apologized, but assured survivors of the Hurricane that they had not been deserted. In fact, Blair said, embassy staff had been working "day and night" in an attempt to reach Britons trapped in a New Orleans Superdome stadium. Which part of this excerpt is subjective? that the prime minister defended embassy staffthat the staff had been working day and nightthat the staff was in New Orleansthat the Britons had been trapped Question #30Paragraph Score: Write a paragraph explaining at least two ways in which the media was influenced by the public and the public was influenced by the media during the Vietnam War. Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Elements path Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : [csv, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, txt, rtf, ppt, pptx, odf, odt, ods, odp, mdb, accdb, pub, jpg, jpeg] File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #31MultipleChoice Score: Read the poem by Robert Frost. Stars HOW countlessly they congregate O'er our tumultuous snow, Which flows in shapes as tall as trees When wintry winds do blow!- As if with keenness for our fate, Our faltering few steps on To white rest, and a place of rest Invisible at dawn,- And yet with neither love nor hate, Those stars like some snow-white Minerva's snow-white marble eyes Wthout the gift of sight. Which of these lines from the poem illustrates a simile? Which flows in shapes as tall as treesOur faltering few steps onInvisible at dawnAnd yet with neither love nor hate Question #32TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped The Greek playwright who added elaborate stage settings and a flute accompaniment to his tragedies was AristophanesEuripidesAeschylusSophocles . Question #33MultipleChoice Score: An analysis of costume design and setting in a historical drama is most likely an analysis of the movie's _____. aestheticsauthenticitysubject matteruniversality Question #34TextMultipleChoice Score: A thoughtful examination of the strengths, weaknesses, purpose and elements of literature and art is known as a critiqueclichéperiodicalsummary . Question #35MultipleChoice Score: Which of these events in the plot of Silas Marner best represents the climax in the novel? Silas spends fifteen years in isolation, hoarding gold.Silas's gold is stolen by Dunstan Cass.Eppie appears in Silas's cottage and he decides to adopt her.Eppie's father, Godfrey, tries to adopt Eppie. Question #36TrueFalse Score: Skipped Elizabethan drama followed many of the conventions of Greek and Roman drama. TrueFalse Question #37MultipleChoice Score: Which of these identifies one way in which Silas's loom serves as a symbol in the novel? It represents Silas's seclusion and his obsession with gold.It represents the narrow religious beliefs of Lantern Yard.It represents Silas's excommunication.It represents the comforts of home and family. Question #38MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Once the writer of a critical essay has read a novel carefully enough to say something sensible about it, the next step is _____. refining the outlinesetting limitsfinding evidencedrafting the essay Question #39MultipleChoice Score: Silas Marner is which type of novel? novel of mannersGothic novelscience-fiction novelnovel of incident Question #40TextMultipleChoice Score: Identify the rhyme scheme in this excerpt from a William Blake poem. THE ECHOING GREEN The sun does arise, daecb And make happy the skies; bedca The merry bells ring dbcea To welcome the Spring; dcabe The skylark and thrush, cbade The birds of the bush, bceda Sing louder around bedac To the bells' cheerful sound; dcaeb While our sports shall be seen becad On the echoing Green. acdbe Question #41MultipleSelect Score: Skipped Which of these elements are considered essential to drama? Select all that apply. charactersplotsoliloquyasideironyallegorydialogue Question #42MultipleChoice Score: Read the passage from "The Necklace." At last they found on the quay one of those ancient night cabs which, as though they were ashamed to show their shabbiness during the day, are never seen round Paris until after dark. Which type of figurative language does the author use in this selection? personificationsimilesymbolismhyperbole Question #43MultipleChoice Score: The point of a short story with the greatest emotional impact is known as _____. the rising actionthe climaxthe denouementthe conflict Question #44MultipleChoice Score: Use this article excerpt to answer questions 9–10. Blair Apologizes for Katrina Response Britons who felt "deserted" by embassy staff during Hurricane Katrina received an apology from Prime Minister Tony Blair today. Blair was reacting to complaints by survivors of Katrina that the response to their situation had been painfully inadequate. Blair apologized, but assured survivors of the Hurricane that they had not been deserted. In fact, Blair said, embassy staff had been working "day and night" in an attempt to reach Britons trapped in a New Orleans Superdome stadium. Which best states the purpose of this article excerpt? to inform readers about Blair's apologyto persuade readers not to blame British diplomatsto explain to readers why Britons were "deserted"to convince readers to help British survivors Question #45Matching Score: Match the description to the type of play. 1. plays that dealt with events in the Bible morality plays 2. plays that dramatized the lives of saints mystery plays 3. plays that personify virtues and vices miracle plays
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