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what are the basic principles behind this thought on language development?
Grammar and Sound Two of the key principles that learners need to understand for language learning and acquisition are the fact that languages are a matter of certain sounds carrying certain meanings. Importance of Interaction Language is [ a skill that your child will use every day. This means that the best way for him to learn language is to practice it every day.Memorization
Meaninglessness Although it may seem valuable for child to be told to memorize words in order to learn a language, this is not actually the case. This is because language is not a matter of repeating sets of words. Rather, it is a matter of having access to a set of words that can be used at any time. When trying to encourage language development, the focus should be on word use rather than on word memorization - if a child makes up a word or uses a wrong word in the right place, this shows that he is learning the fundamental rules of language, which are far more important than simple vocabulary, which will follow these fundamentals naturally. Read more: ]
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Do you believe that chimps that learn to use signs are capable of communicating through language? Why or why not ?
Weegy: According to this school, chimpanzees and other close relatives could not use language because they lack the human brain structures that make language. And you think you've evolved But other researchers disagree, [ pointing out that a few apes can use, at least to some extent, symbolic communications systems - languages - like American Sign Language. E. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, a Georgia State University biology professor, says the accepted wisdom reflects a long bias and that modern studies are refuting it. ] (More)
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