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analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practice
analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practice 1 Learn the legislative history of the policy you're evaluating. [ If you're evaluating a federal policy, the Congressional Record, available in many libraries, contains a bill's legislative history. All public policy exists in a political context, so it is important to know how a policy came to exist in its current form. The
political process has a long history of making deals to ensure passage of a particular law. Compromises made in the legislative process often affect the implementation and the outcomes of a particular policy. 2 Identify the key stakeholders in a policy. This means identifying not only the agency charged with implementing the policy being evaluated but also the intended recipients of services. Sponsored Links Top Presentation Software Join 30 million others at Prezi! Create great presentations for Free 3 Describe the policy being evaluated. This evaluation will include an overview of the policy, its goals and objectives, the agency or agencies charged with its implementation or enforcement and the activities undertaken. 4 Collect the data needed for evaluation. The data may be qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both. The type of evaluation you are doing will ultimately determine the types of data you'll need to collect. 5 Analyze the data. Depending on the types of data you collect and the nature of your evaluation, analysis may involve qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both methods. When describing program activities or experiences, qualitative analysis is appropriate. Quantitative analysis is used when trying to assess policy outcomes and impacts. 6 Report your conclusions based on the analysis. This should include specific recommendations for policy changes or program improvements. ]
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critically review approaches to outcome based practice in a care home
Weegy: Outcome based care is about putting the person at the centre of the care service, and not prescribing a standard service to everyone. [ It is about delivering meaningful outcomes to every individual and helping people to lead more fulfilling lives. Outcome based care requires careful planning, which involves working with the people who use our services to help them identify and achieve the things they want to do. Delivered well, outcome based care increases interest and motivation and creates the enthusiasm needed to support people to lead a more fulfilling life. ] User: analyse the effect of legislation and policy on out come based practice Weegy: Policy has had, and will continue to have, a vast impact on our daily lives and on public health indicators in part because of its long-term effects and relative low cost. [ Many of the public health programs now being implemented have a significant focus on policy change. To improve these programs and to further evidence-based policy, we need to use the best available evidence and expand the role of researchers and practitioners to communicate evidence packaged appropriately for various policy audiences; to understand and engage all 3 streams (problem, policy, politics) to implement an evidence-based policy process; to develop content based on specific policy elements that are most likely to be effective; and to document outcomes to improve, expand, or terminate policy. Governments spend significant sums on health-related research (about $30 billion annually in the United States) with the implied obligation that this investment will improve the health of the public. Better application of the tenets of evidence-based policy is likely to accelerate this improvement. ] User: explain how outcome based pratice can result in positive changes in individuals lives Weegy: Reflective practice is "the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning", which, according to the ... (More)
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