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Q: Which of these distinguish language from other forms of communication? It is systematic. It is arbitrary. It is a tool. It changes over time. Question #14MultipleSelect Score: Which of these poets
would be classified as Romantic? WordsworthTennysonKeatsByronShelleyBrowningColeridge Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Milton was a _____. PuritanWhigToryCavalier Question #16MultipleChoice Score: Read the line from "The Yellow Wallpaper." "I've got out at last," said I, "in spite of you and Jane. And I've pulled off most of the paper, so you can't put me back!" Who is Jane? the narrator's sister-in-lawthe narrator herselfthe doctor caring for the narratorthe narrator's daughter Question #17MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Act I, scene iv, where Ophelia is responding to her brother's advice to be wary of Hamlet's affection. Oph. I shall th' effect of this good lesson keep As watchman to my heart. But, good my brother, Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven; Whilst, like a puff'd and reckless libertine, Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads And recks not his own read. In other words? I will follow your advice and guard my heart—you do the same.You are a good teacher, but you are beginning to sound a little preachy.I believe Hamlet's affection is real, but I will watch myself around him.You may think I do not appreciate your good advice, but I do. Question #18MultipleSelect Score: Identify the struggles that are most characteristic of the Victorian Age. Select all that apply. faith vs. doubtgood vs. evilwealth vs. povertyprogress vs. pastdesire vs. dutysocial morality vs. artistic creationlife vs. deathreason vs. emotion Question #19MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from "The Deserted Village," by Oliver Goldsmith. Those gentle hours that plenty bade to bloom, Those calm desires that asked but little room, Those healthful sports that graced the peaceful scene, Lived in each look, and brightened all the green; These, far departing, seek a kinder shore, And rural mirth and manners are no more. What is "no more" according to these lines? the simplicity and beauty of rural lifethe speaker's youththe color and life of summerthe joy of first love Question #20MultipleChoice Score: What scene from Act III do most agree is the climax of Hamlet? when Hamlet kills Poloniuswhen Hamlet is unable to kill Claudiuswhen Hamlet contemplates suicide for a second timewhen King Claudius runs from the room during the play within the play Question #21MultipleChoice Score: The most effective technique for including character, setting, and sound description in a short story is to _____. pour into one paragraphinclude at the beginningsprinkle throughoutinclude at the end Question #22MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Wordsworth's "She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways." She dwelt among the untrodden ways Besides the spring of Dove; A maid whom there were none to praise And very few to love. What do these lines tell us about "Lucy"? She is a figment of the speaker's imagination.She once loved the speaker.She lived isolated and unnoticed.She was blind and deaf. Question #23MultipleChoice Score: Milton's pastoral elegy Lycidas is his reaction to which of these? his blindnessthe end of the Commonwealththe death of a friendthose who choose vice over virtue Question #24MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Book 1 of Paradise Lost. Fall'n Cherub, to be weak is miserable Doing or Suffering: but of this be sure, To do aught good never will be our task, But ever to do ill our sole delight, As being the contrary to his high will Whom we resist. Who is meant to be the speaker in these lines? SatanBeelzebubAdamMilton Question #25MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. PLIABLE. Well, neighbour Obstinate, said Pliable, I begin to come to a point; I intend to go along with this good man, and to cast in my lot with him: but, my good companion, do you know the way to this desired place? {24} CHRISTIAN. I am directed by a man, whose name is Evangelist, to speed me to a little gate that is before us, where we shall receive instructions about the way. Which would best describe the characters in this excerpt? heroicepicallegoricalsentimental Question #26MultipleChoice Score: In Anglo-Saxon society, the _____ was responsible for carrying on the history, culture, beliefs, and legends of the English people. kenningscopcomitatuswitan Question #27MultipleChoice Score: Which of these is characteristic of a Spenserian sonnet? addressed to a dear friendaddressed to a "Dark Lady"reflects a search for spiritual satisfactionabab bcbc cdcd ee rhyme scheme Question #28MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines, spoken by Bernardo to Horatio, from Act I, scene i of Hamlet. Last night of all, When yond same star that's westward from the pole Had made his course to illume that part of heaven Where now it burns, Marcellus and myself, The bell then beating one,—.... What is the purpose of these lines? to describe the time of nightto explain the progress of a starto foreshadow the appearance of the ghostto convince Horatio of the existence of ghosts Question #29MultipleChoice Score: What was John Wesley's motivation for breaking from the Anglican Church to form the Methodist Church? He sought complete separation of church and state.He objected to the Church's association with what he considered an immoral Monarchy.He believed the Anglican Church was too ritualistic.He felt the Anglican Church was not reaching the masses of poor people. Question #30MultipleChoice Score: Read the sonnet by Sir Philip Sydney. VII When Nature made her chief worke, Stellas eyes,__ In colour blacke why wrapt she beames so bright?__ Would she in beamy blacke, like Painter wise,__ Frame daintiest lustre, mixt of shades and light?__ Or did she else that sober hue devise,__ In obiect best to knitt and strength our sight;__ Least, if no vaile these brave gleames did disguise,__ They, sunlike, should more dazle then delight?__ Or would she her miraculous power show,__ That, whereas blacke seems Beauties contrary,__ She even in black doth make all beauties flow?__ Both so, and thus, she, minding Love should be__ Plac'd ever there, gave him this mourning weede__ To honour all their deaths who for her bleed.__ Identify the correct rhyme scheme. abab ccbb dede ddabcb cbdb dede eeaabb cbcb ddee ddabab abab cdcd ee Question #31MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Keats's "Ode on a Grecian Urn." Fair youth, beneath the trees, thou canst not leave Thy song, nor ever can those trees be bare; Bold Lover, never, never canst thou kiss, Though winning near the goal—yet, do not grieve; She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss, Forever wilt thou love, and she be fair! Which best explains these lines in the context of this poem? Do not mourn for what you cannot have.Young love is fleeting.Art captures beauty and preserves it.The memory of a moment can last forever. Question #32MultipleChoice Score: Beowulf, a product of the oral poetic tradition, is a reflection of _____ beliefs and customs. NormanFrenchAnglo-SaxonRoman Question #33MultipleChoice Score: The purpose of Swift's satires is to _____. effect changemock weaknessentertainall of the above Question #34MultipleSelect Score: Which of these types of information would require a visit to the library rather than simply a search of the Internet? Select all that apply. indexes and abstracts for scholarly journalsbooks under copyrightcomprehensive reference worksolder journal and newspaper articlesgovernment informationeducational material and information Question #35MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Act V, scene i. 1 Clown. Mine, sir. [Sings.] O, a pit of clay for to be made For such a guest is meet. Ham. I think it be thine indeed, for thou liest in't. 1 Clown. You lie out on't, sir, and therefore 'tis not yours: for my part, I do not lie in't, yet it is mine. Ham. Thou dost lie in't, to be in't and say it is thine: 'tis for the dead, not for the quick; therefore thou liest. 1 Clown. 'Tis a quick lie, sir; 't will away again from me to you. Which of these is illustrated in these lines? tragic forcecomic reliefmelancholymoment of final suspense Question #36MultipleChoice Score: Read the "sentence." Although Toby mows the lawn. What does this "sentence" need to make it complete? a dependent clausea subjectnothing—it is completean independent clause Question #37MultipleChoice Score: Which of these statements is an opinion? Reading is a process.Reading word for word slows the reading and comprehension process.Facts can change.A good reader can determine if a book has merit after reading the first page. Question #38TrueFalse Score: Shakespeare began his career writing interludes. TrueFalse Question #39MultipleChoice Score: Which of these would please a Romantic poet most? a seventeenth-century satirea Greek tragedyan Shakespearean comedya medieval ballad Question #40MultipleChoice Score: Who was Lord Chamberlain? the playwright who wrote a scathing attack of Shakespeare in 1592the man responsible for building theatres throughout London during the Renaissancethe patron of the acting company to which Shakespeare belongedthe husband of Shakespeare's oldest daughter, Susanna Question #41MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind." O thou Who chariotest to their dark wintry bed The winged seeds, where they lie cold and low, Each like a corpse within its grave, Which best explains the metaphor in these lines? The wind is compared to a chariot that carries the seeds of Nature to their winter grave.The storm is compared to winter which buries Nature in a coffin of snow until Spring arrives.Nature is compared to a grave that houses life during the winter.A chariot is compared to a hearse that arrives to bury the fall for the winter. Question #42MultipleChoice Score: Read the quotation from Victorian philosopher Thomas Carlyle. "Not the external and physical alone is now managed by machinery, but the internal and spiritual also...Men are grown mechanical in head and in heart, as well as in hand." What, according to Carlyle, has brought about this spiritual deprivation? political conflictthe industrial revolutionexpansion into other territoriesthe demands of prudence Question #43MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey." The sounding cataract Haunted me like a passion: the tall rock, The mountain, and the deep and gloomy wood, Their colours and their forms, were then to me An appetite: a feeling and a love, That had no need of a remoter charm, By thought supplied, or any interest Unborrowed from the eye.— Which of these best describes the speaker's relationship to nature in these lines? physicalemotionalspiritualintellectual Question #44MultipleChoice Score: Which of these adjectives best describes Chaucer's Wife of Bath? gossipy, unconventional, unsubtlefashionable, sympathetic, moralrich, powerful, indulgentjealous, coarse, quarrelsome Question #45MultipleChoice Score: During the Restoration, Milton was _____. appointed Latin Secretary in Cromwell's Office of Foreign Affairsimprisoned because of his connection to the failed Commonwealthtraveling and studying in Italy where he meet others scholars of the periodpublishing political tracts in defense of the execution of Charles I Question #46Paragraph Score: Read the opening lines of Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim. He was an inch, perhaps two, under six feet, powerfully built, and he advanced straight at you with a slight stoop of the shoulders, head forward, and a fixed from-under stare which made you think of a charging bull. His voice was deep, loud, and his manner displayed a kind of dogged self-assertion which had nothing aggressive in it. It seemed a necessity, and it was directed apparently as much at himself as at anybody else. He was spotlessly neat, apparelled in immaculate white from shoes to hat, and in the various Eastern ports where he got his living as ship-chandler's water-clerk he was very popular. Briefly summarize what we learn about Lord Jim in this paragraph. Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #47MultipleChoice Score: Read the poem by William Butler Yeats. The Balloon Of The Mind Hands, do what you're bid: Bring the balloon of the mind That bellies and drags in the wind Into its narrow shed. Which of these is a plausible interpretation of the "narrow shed" in this poem? the skulllovedeathpoetry Question #48MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from Byron's "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage." 'Tis to create, and in creating live A being more intense that we endow With form our fancy, gaining as we give The life we image, even as I do now. What am I? Nothing: but not so art thou, Soul of my thought with whom I traverse earth, Invisible, but gazing, as I glow Mixed with thy spirit, blended with thy birth, And feeling still with thee in my crushed feelings' dearth. What creation is Byron referring to in these lines? his daughter AdaByron himselfimaginationChilde Harold Question #49Paragraph Score: Craft a clerihew. Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #50MultipleChoice Score: Which of these is most characteristic of the writers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? They were involved in and wrote about their changing world.Their art was politically motivated.Their art focused on the duality of good and evil.They wrote about the moral decay they saw around them. Question #51MultipleChoice Score: Read the excerpt from Part I of Gulliver's Travels. This diversion is only practiced by those persons who are candidates for great employments, and high favour, at court. They are trained in this art from their youth, and are not always of noble birth, or liberal education. When a great office is vacant either by death or disgrace (which often happens) five or six of those candidates petition the Emperor to entertain his Majesty and the court with a dance on the rope, and whoever jumps the highest without falling, succeeds in the office. What is Swift satirizing in the excerpt? corrupt politiciansrope dancersLiliputiansGulliver's ignorance Question #52MultipleChoice Score: Read the lines from "Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes" from The Pleasant Comedy Of Patient Grisill. Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, Smiles awake you when you rise; Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry, And I will sing a lullaby: Rock them, rock them, lullaby. Which of these poetic devices is clearly illustrated in these lines? alliterationpersonificationimageryallusion Question #53MultipleChoice Score: Read lines 930–935 from "Adam and Eve's Reconciliation" in Paradise Lost. Both have sinned, but thou Against God only, I against God and thee, And to the place of judgement will return, There with my cries importune Heaven, that all The sentence from thy head removed may light On me, sole cause to thee of all this woe, Me, me only, just object of his ire." According to these lines, what is Eve willing to do to gain Adam's forgiveness? Tell God it was all her fault.Face Satan alone.Denounce God.Leave Paradise. Question #54MultipleChoice Score: Which of these adjectives best describes the Elizabethan Age? exuberant and enthusiasticcontroversial and calamitousstrict and studiousplacid and practical Question #55MultipleChoice Score: Which of these sentences contains a subjective complement? Mario is a video game character.Video games can be very entertaining.Jack plays video games all day.Video games attract all kinds of people.
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