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Demonstrate ways to contribute to an environment that promotes well-being
By promoting an individual?s spiritual and emotional wellbeing, [ you can help improve their self esteem and make them feel valued and remain their own person. Building an individual?s self esteem is a first step towards the happiness and emotional well-being of the individuals you support. Focussing on what they can do rather than on what they can?t do, will encourage their independence and
feeling of self worth. It is also important to help individuals to deal with stress. Changes in situations and in their ability to do things can cause stress. However, by providing encouragement and positive support you can improve their inner self and quality of life. Think about the individuals you work with and how your attitudes and approaches affect an individual?s emotional well-being ]
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The main determinants of well-being include the social and economic environment, the physical environment and the person's individual characteristics and behaviors. Generally, the context in which an individual lives is of great importance on his life quality and well-being. The social and economic environment are key factors in determining the well-being of individuals given the fact that higher education levels are linked with a higher standard of life as well as a higher income. Generally, people who finish higher education are more likely to get a better job and therefore are less prone to stress by comparing to individuals with low education levels.

The physical environment is perhaps the most important factor that should be considered when classifying the well-being of an individual. This includes factors such as clean water and air, safe houses, communities and roads all contribute to well-being.
Criticism should be constructive. Be as positive as possible. Give sound advice backed by good medical or scientific practice. Act with love and support. This is the primary way to demonstrate contributing to an environment that promote wellbeing.
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