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explain the factors that influence the well being of children and young people
Factors that influence well being e.g Attachment Relationships Emotional security Health Self esteem Diet Exercise Rest and sleep Prompt medical/dental attention when needed Preventive health programmes Children and young people say that they want [ to be healthy and stay safe. Parents are the main providers of health care for their children, particularly in the early years. This standard
addresses health promotion activities delivered by professionals from health, social care, education and other agencies, working in partnership with parents, to improve outcomes for children and young people. Services offered may be universal, targeted or specialist, as needed by individual children and young people. Good communication and joint working between agencies is essential. An important component of promoting the health of children and young people is the early identification of illnesses, environmental factors or individuals' activities that may contribute to disease, ill health or injury. Children, young people and their parents can then make informed choices and be properly supported. ]
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Asked 3/29/2013 2:22:55 AM
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explain why social and emotional identity is important to the well being and resilience of children and young people
Weegy: Children develop their personal identity and a sense of self-worth through their relationships with other people; "Informal support networks, mainly friends, [ family and wider kin are extremely important to most young people ?schools emerged as a very important site for the provision of support." Our attention is increasingly turning to the importance of developing resilience and the mental and emotional wellbeing of looked after children. Extraordinary Lives highlights that a supportive family is one of the single most powerful factors in creating resilience: "It is important that qualities of a supportive family are re-created in every setting in which children are cared for". Mental and emotional wellbeing has been described as "a state of wellbeing in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her community". ] User: explain how to support children and young people to identify with their own self image and identity Weegy: Identity and self image are key to a child or young person’s well being. A lack of identity leads to a sense of not belonging, of being an ‘outsider’. [ A poor self image leads to negative feeling about who they are and what they can achieve, resulting in poor self esteem. It is therefore important that children and young people are encouraged and supported to understand, not only their own self image and identity, but those of the people around them. Identity and self image are about a sense of belonging. By showing children and young people that we are all different and that this is acceptable you are giving them the confidence to be themselves. By being understanding and adaptable you are showing them that they can develop and change their sense of who they are with each new experience and become the person they want to be. ] (More)
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