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David Siqueiros, a politically active Mexican muralist, was often jailed for his communist sympathies. Which of his works depicted a baby to symbolize the innocent victims of the Revolution?
Weegy: His most famous painting was Echo of a Scream. This piece was inspired by his experiences during active combat and his observations of suffering. [ By illustrating a baby, this piece emphasizes the internal suffering of the innocent victims of the Revolution..... ] User: Frida Kahlo's paintings depicted her suffering and pain. What did she express in her self-portrait entitled The Two Fridas? Weegy: The two Fridas is her split self definition. On the one, her origins, dressed in home spun clothing and carrying a pocket sized picture of her love, Diego. On the other, the colonial, her transplanted American self. [ The two are connected through the heart. The pain of her unfaithful husband, her longing for a home and confusion over self threatens to bleed her out, which the colonial self attempts in vain to keep from happening. ] (More)
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Asked 5/14/2013 7:17:00 AM
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