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Q: explain the principles of active participation in social care
A: Ensure that they recognise, preserve and promote the rights of the individuals using their service(s), in a way that enables the individual to have choices, and to engage as active partners in having their needs met. [ This includes their right to be treated with dignity, and have their privacy and confidentiality respected. Promote the independence and wellbeing of the people using their
service(s) so that they can achieve their full potential Reflect on their practice and engage in continuous learning with and from others from diverse backgrounds, including the people to whom they provide care/support, their families and carers, colleagues in their own service and colleagues from other services, across the different sectors. Participate in the assessment and management of risk, to ensure the safety and protection of the people with whom they are working and the wider community. Act only within the limits of their defined role and competence, and take responsibility for their actions Promote public confidence in their service by showing commitment to the people who use their services, and behaving ethically. There was also a consensus on the responsibility of employers to ensure: Support and supervision structures and processes, The provision of enabling policies for accessing learning and development; including support for induction and work based learning Clarity of job purpose; protocols, and support to learn when these change reference: ]
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Asked 4/21/2012 12:48:39 PM
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