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Where is fuel pump fuse located on 2001 Nissan Sentra?
These cars have a common wiring issue that prevents the fuel pump from running.if you have a problem with voltage to the fuel pump, first check the fuses, then go to the drivers side of the vehicle, right beside the drivers side strut tower, [ there are 3 connectors that come from the large harness that runs beside the battery. the connectors are secured right by the strut tower. locate the
white wire with a thin blue stripe. make sure this wire has at least 12v with key on. if not, trace it up around the battery(into the large harness)and find the break in the wire. this wire ultimately goes to the fuse box beside the battery. to save time and a lot of effort, you can cut this white/blue wire as it comes out of the fuse box, then cut it up by the connector near the strut tower, and run a new wire insted of un-taping 4 feet of wire to find the break. ]
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Asked 10/12/2012 11:31:44 AM
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