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Discuss about communication whether garble tumultuous fataly?
Weegy: The psychology of the work and the organizations study the labor motivation , culture of the organizations - the set of traditions and customs, that define a common vision of the employees and the industralist - the selection, analysis of positions, [ [ marketing and the formation of employees. The traditional approach of this discipline has been centered in the great and medium company. In the small business and the independent workers, it is only applied in the selection of personnel and occasionally other applications of the psychology of the organizations. tries to disclose techniques applicable to the small company and the unipersonal business . What supposes to raise the personal development of the entrepreneur - mental health, control of stress, motivation, positive attitude - not only like knowledge acquisition but like a personal change in thinking and acting. It supposes to autoaplicar itself and to apply to others, the knowledge of individual psychology - Touching Rational Therapy, PNL, Cognitiva Psychology, to put examples of techniques described in this site - and of the development of the small groups. ] ] (More)
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Asked 3/12/2012 10:15:13 AM
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What is communicator?
Updated 123 days ago|9/22/2016 8:38:01 AM
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A communicator is a person who communicates, especially one skilled at conveying information, ideas, or policy to the public.
Added 123 days ago|9/22/2016 6:58:56 AM
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Confirmed by jeifunk [9/22/2016 8:37:58 AM]
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