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1.1: State the general principles for environmental cleaning.
In the general clinical areas daily cleaning with a detergent based cleaning fluid or using the micro-fibre system is adequate. [ The purpose of the cleaning process is to remove any organic matter, dust or debris to reduce the bacterial load in the environment. The general cleaning procedures whether micro-fibre or traditional cleaning methods used should be in line with National Standards of
Cleanliness and be available to the clinical staff. A written cleaning schedule should be devised specifying the persons responsible for cleaning, the frequency of cleaning, the methods to be used, and the expected outcomes in all areas. The standards should monitored by the contractor and clinical staff using an agreed feedback process. The domestic staff should be involved and included as part of the ward team. To minimise the risk of cross infection all furniture and flooring used in clinical environments must be able to tolerate disinfection. New equipment and furniture must be supplied in line with the Standards for the Clinical Environment Policy. A clinical area is defined as any area designated as patient areas, but not staff offices. In general the following applies: Carpets are not recommended in clinical areas because of the risk of body fluid spills. Viruses can survive in carpets for up to 12 days. • Work surfaces and floors should be smooth-finished, intact, durable of good quality, washable and should not allow pooling of liquids and be impervious to fluids. • Chairs, mattresses and pillows should be covered in impervious material that can tolerate disinfection. • Store clean dried equipment safely away from used equipment. • Mop head should be removed for laundering following cleaning or single use if this is not possible. • Provide single use, non-shedding cloths for cleaning. • Keep equipment and materials used for general cleaning separate from those used for cleaning up body fluids. ]
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