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explain the connection between language and perception. use a specific example to illustrate this connection
Self Reflection helps us to gain an understanding of who we are as individuals first, beyond who we are as leaders. [ Because, to be truly effective at leading others, we need to be effective at ‘leading’ ourselves and if we are unable to really know ourselves, we are only being deluded into thinking that we can lead ourselves. Self-reflection allows us to recognize our core values, not just by
naming what we value, but why those things are most important to us. Along with our values, by taking the time to reflect on our own self, we can start to clarify our own personal vision of what it is that we want to be, do and have in our lives and most importantly how we want to feel as we go through life. Self Reflection also allows us to identify and ‘own’ our traits, both our personality traits and our leadership traits. When we are able to recognize our traits, as we reflect we are able to monitor our interactions with others. Both from the standpoint of why we are feeling the way we do and our actions that result from those feelings ]
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How does language organize perceptions?
Weegy: Our thoughts are expressed via language...yet the opposite is also true, i.e., world-view which a given language implies also shapes our our thinking and perception. The two go hand-in-hand. Allow me to cite an example. [ Languages will frequently have a certain "take" on sexual identity. In Spanish, e.g., one must make a choice of male or female. when choosing noun-endings. When speaking of a mixed group, one must use the male ending (e.g., "ninos," not "ninas")...which probably reflects a patriarchal world-view. In other cultures, e.g., in the Hopi Indian world, the emphasis is more matriarchal in character. I'm going to have to review my anthropology, but I seem to remember that there is no word in the Hopi language for "I," which certainly tends to prevent much in the way of egotism. In English, the emphasis is more or less equal...on nouns and verbs. Yet, in German, the emphasis is more on verbs. Your typical German sentence starts with a verb. One might argue that speaking German tends to shift one to more of an "action mode." E.g....Are you going to school today? becomes.....Gehen Sie zur Schule heute? ("Going you to school today?"). Our "hard-wiring" in the brain, one could argue, reflects these patterns. Notice that when you speak another language, it feels like your are accessing a different part of your brain..and the "logic" of the effort has a different "feel" (if you have any real facility in that language). In the "Western Scientific Tradition," we tend to think of objects as discreet, and separate "somethings." People, too. In other cultures/traditions, the world is seen as more an organic whole, which cannot be cut up into little "pieces." We see this reflected in the Buddhist tradition, and also in Holistic/alternative/integrative Medicine, which strongly emphasizes the idea of a human being having a number of aspects, all of which must be addressed by the doctor. Men and women are not just physical bodies or machines..though ... (More)
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