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Q: the case study of andries opperman the junior businessman of the year 2004
A: JUNIOR BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR : Extracted from “Avizandum - May 2005” “Hobby vs Business” Andries Opperman (16 years) : Each bird farm has a history. [ My bird farming enterprise hatched when I was thirteen. From when I was small, I was the one in our family who always wanted to save money. Later I decided I rather wanted to earn my own money. Entrepreneurs’ days at primary school stimulated
me as well. In 2001 a friend of my parents offered me the opportunity to buy some of his cages. And so I started bird farming. As the money trickled in, I was able to expand my bird farming enterprise slowly but surely. I also joined the local bird club. There were people that made me feel welcome. But the impression I got from the “big” bird farmers was that they functioned like “elite societies”. One day I met Oom Sakkie Visagie. He is the one who got me going and who introduced me to the “elite society”. He also helped me to transform my hobby to a hobby/business. Unfortunately I began losing the pure love for the birds’ aspect in 2003. I only regarded the birds as a means to making money. This caused me to make quite a few mistakes in judgement. In March 2004 I entered the ABSA Top Entrepreneur Competition and was chosen as one of the finalists. My business subject? Exotica Bird Farming! …. The prize money gave my hobby/business a real boost. The award also made me much more acceptable as member of the “elite” club. ............ ]
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Asked 4/29/2012 4:42:31 PM
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