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Describe in DETAIL the social, economic and cultural factors that will have an impact on the lives of Children & young people – giving at least one example of each category. (e.g. Personal
choice, being in care system, poverty, education, religious/ethnic/cultural beliefs)?
Poverty – A family living on a low income might not be able to provide for their children as hoped. [ Accommodation may be poor which can have an effect on the mental and physical health of children and their parents. Offending or anti social behaviour – Such as behaviour by parents of a child may result in a child being taken into care. Disability – The disability of a parent or child could
affect educational provision, cause poverty or mean that the child is a carer. Support or respite care may be needed for the child or young person. Bereavement and loss – Losing a family member or friend can affect the emotional and physical health of children and their parents. Adults losing a child or partner may find caring for any remaining children difficult. Ethnic beliefs and customs – This could affect the dietary needs of children, clothing, customs or other aspects of their lives. 1.1. Social, economic, cultural factors e.g.: • personal choice • being in care system • poverty • housing and community • educational environment • offending or anti social behaviour • health status of self or family member • disability • health support (GP, health clinic, access to A&E etc) • addictions in family or self • bereavement and loss • family expectations and encouragement • religious beliefs and customs • ethnic/cultural beliefs and customs • marginalisation and exclusion here are a few more: Educational environment- Settings that do not meet the statutory requirements required within the EYFS can affect a child’s development and potential. Within our setting we value parent’s participation as they are the child’s main educators, we are available at all times to speak with parents about their child or any concerns they have. We hope parents will see our setting as a safe and secure place that they can leave their children. ]
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