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Q: You are going to Africa to live among a tribal group and study their culture. Which historian would be most helpful to take along? Anthropologist Archaeologist Geologist Etymologist Linguist
A: I would take along an Anthropologist.
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User: You are going to Africa to live among a tribal group and study their culture. Which historian would be most helpful to take along? Anthropologist Archaeologist Geologist Etymologist Linguist

Weegy: I would take along an Anthropologist.
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User: You are looking for primary sources to complete a research project. Where would be your best bet to find them? museums libraries ancient ruins archives Question #6MultipleChoice Score: A historian should ask as many questions as possible when analyzing sources and conducting research. Why is this important? so the historian can try to avoid bias in his/her workso the historian can alter his/her perspectiveso the historian can compare and contrast sourcesso the historian connect the past to the present Question #7MultipleChoice Score: You are a geologist and are asked to put a list of historical events in chronological order. You would arrange the events _____. according to where they took placein alphabetical orderaccording to when they took placein order of historical importance Question #8MultipleChoice Score: Origins: 200,000 years ago Location: Africa, Asia, Europe Characteristics: •had an average-size brain•hunted and ate meat•made cave paintings•created burial sites Tools: parallel-sided blades, spears What early hominid group is described in the chart above? AustralopithecusHomo erectusHomo habilisHomo sapiensNeanderthals Question #9MultipleChoice Score: Homer wrote this account of the Trojan War. The HistoriesThe IliadThe PersiansThe Republic Question #10TextMultipleChoice Score: The Mesopotamians wrote the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Code of Hammurabi using HieroglyphsHarappanPictographsCuneiform writing. Question #11MultipleChoice Score: As language became more complex, people no longer had to learn by imitation; they could share ideas with each other and explain how things worked. This is known as what type of learning? comprehensivecollectivetransferableexplanatory Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Agrarian, Hunter-gatherer, or Pastoral Nomad? lived in one place surplus of food during winter class divisions emerged as people got more possessions freedom to work different jobs accumulated more personal belongings AgrarianHunter-gathererPastoral Nomad Question #13MultipleChoice Score: You are an archaeologist digging for artifacts to learn more about early agrarian societies. You uncover various minerals and shells. What might these artifacts tell you about a society? if they had advanced skills in domesticationif they traded with other communitiesif they had to deal with any climate changes Question #14MultipleChoice Score: The caste system of India is an example of what key characteristic of a civilization? specialization of labormoral codesocial class hierarchyinstitutions Question #15MultipleChoice Score: What early civilization's inhabited region is shown in the map above? EgyptianMesopotamianSumerianIndus Valley Question #16MultipleChoice Score: This early civilization was driven to build one of the most advanced trade networks of its time because it severely lacked natural resources. MesopotamiaBabylonEgyptIndus Valley Question #17MultipleChoice Score: Evidence has been found to suggest that the Xia dynasty was China's first civilization; however for many years this dynasty, dated as far back as 1760 B.C., was thought to be the oldest. ZhouHanShangShixia Question #18MultipleChoice Score: There were three early trading centers associated with the Mediterranean Sea. Which one is being described below? This trading center was a port city in southern Turkey. Its main export was cedar wood for constructing ships, tombs, and houses. The area served as a central storage place for grain from Syria's inland wheat fields. ByblosCreteUgarit Question #19TextMultipleChoice Score: During the Bronze Age, the leaders of two emerging kingdoms stood out. Akhenaton of EgyptMesopotamiaPersia is known for promoting monotheistic religion in his kingdom, while Sargon the Great of EgyptMesopotamiaPersia is remembered for his ability to build a vast empire from military success. Question #20MultipleChoice Score: The chariot helped this group to become one of the most powerful empires in the world. They didn't just adapt the chariot from other groups, they perfected it. Their design made it light enough to be carried by two men, and the axle was moved to the rear to increase speed and stability. EgyptiansHittitesHyksos Question #21MultipleChoice Score: As evidenced by names, crops, religion, and manufacturing, the Mycenaean civilization adopted much of its culture from the _____. MesopotamiansPersiansMinoansSumerians Question #22MultipleChoice Score: The Indo-European language originated in Azerbaijan and _____. Saudi ArabiaIraqAfghanistanIran Question #23MultipleChoice Score: Aryan invasions, seasonal floods, earthquakes, rivers changing courses, and a decline in trade were all possible factors that led to the fall of what civilization? MesopotamiaIndus ValleyMycenaeanEgyptian Question #24TrueFalse Score: The Kush were influenced culturally by the Egyptians that conquered them, while in turn the Egyptians adopted cultural ideas from the Kush. TrueFalse Question #25MultipleChoice Score: _____ is considered to be the father of the Hebrew people. AbrahamMuhammadMosesIsaiah Question #26MultipleChoice Score: Although it wasn't the reason the Bantu had to migrate across Africa, this technology helped them become more powerful than other tribes. plowbronzeironrice Question #27MultipleChoice Score: All the nomadic tribes and sub-tribes of the Central Asian steppe were known as _____. ScythiansXiongnusDonghusToumans Question #28MultipleChoice Score: This Athenian ruler was a despot, or a tyrant or ruler with absolute powers. CleisthenesPeisistratusSolon Question #29MultipleChoice Score: The Battle of _____ was part of the Second Persian War. Wanting to avenge the Battle of Marathon loss, Xerxes of Persia sent an army to fight 300 Spartans, Helots, and northern city-state soldiers, defeating them after three days. Salamis BayThermopylaeIoniaThemistocles Question #30MultipleChoice Score: Who am I? My philosophical method was to ask my students leading questions to help them see the conclusion that would naturally follow from the premise we started with. The result? Truth was pursued, rather than discovered. AristotlePlatoSocrates Question #31TextMultipleChoice Score: When Alexander the Great died and the Hellenistic Period began, his empire was divided into three parts. PtolemyDariusAugustusAntipater was given Macedonia and Greece to rule. Question #32MultipleChoice Score: During the Roman Republic period, the Tribal Assembly was formed to give the _____ limited say in the government. peasantsplebeianspatricianspatrons Question #33TrueFalse Score: The Pax Romana began when Augustus became emperor of Rome, and it ended upon his death in A.D. 14. TrueFalse Question #34MultipleChoice Score: In 313, what emperor of Rome issued the Edict of Milan, mandating tolerance for all religions? CrassusTheodosiusDiocletianConstantine Question #35MultipleChoice Score: What Chinese philosopher emphasized personal and governmental morality in his teachings? BuddhaConfuciusSophoclesZeno Question #36MultipleChoice Score: What Roman leader am I? "The fall of Rome began during my reign when I made the mistake of replacing the republic. I wanted full control of the empire in my hands." AugustusConstantineDiocletian Question #37MultipleChoice Score: Fighting between the royal clans, the eunuchs, and the Confucian scholars led to the fall of which Chinese dynasty? ShangSongHanTang Question #38MultipleChoice Score: The Great Schism of 1054 occurred among the Christians of what Empire? RomanMesopotamianPersianIndian Question #39TextMultipleChoice Score: The Tang dynasty is famous for its adobeoraclestuccogrotto art, in which caves are decorated with religious images, small pagodas, and inscriptions. Question #40MultipleChoice Score: Little is known about the origin of this Mesoamerican city, even though this city was the sixth largest in the world at one time! What city is this? AtahualpaChichen ItzaHuitzilopochtliTeotihuacan Question #41Paragraph Score: In what ways does migration affect language? Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #42MultipleChoice Score: During its Golden Age, China followed a policy of _____, believing their country to be the center of the world. Choose the best response. independenceopennessisolationmulticulturalism Question #43MultipleChoice Score: A _____ was a Japanese military commander that had the power to reward loyal samurai with land. shogunbakufudaimyocaliph Question #44TrueFalse Score: Citizens in the Italian city-states felt more loyal to their own governments than they did to the country of Italy. TrueFalse Question #45MultipleChoice Score: The most important characteristic expected of a Medieval woman was _____. obediencestrengthintelligencesociability Question #46MultipleChoice Score: The presence of the Mongols had a large cultural effect on what two countries? China, TurkeyChina, RussiaRussia, EgyptTurkey, Egypt Question #47TextMultipleChoice Score: During the time of the GhanaEthiopiaMaliSonghai kingdom, Islam solidified its presence in Africa, and architects, scholars, and traders flooded to the area to take advantage of trading prosperity. Question #48MultipleChoice Score: The Aztec religion was dominated by this practice. oracle divinationtemple worshiphuman sacrificespiritual dances Question #49TextMultipleChoice Score: Many Christians blamed GypsiesJewsIslamicsCatholics for the occurrence of the Black Death, and even killed some of them. Question #50MultipleChoice Score: Area of Origin Messenger/Prophet Beliefs Text Israel Abraham The Messiah will lead the world to unity and peace God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Torah What religion is being described above? BuddhismChristianityIslamJudaismSufismZoroastrianism Question #51MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Which Portuguese explorer discovered a route to India? Bartolomeu DiasPedro Alvares CabralVasco da Gama Question #52TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped The main trade route between Europe and Asia was known as the SpiceSilkSilver Road. Question #53MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Members of what religion persecuted the Jews during the Inquisition? IslamHinduismChristianityBuddhism Question #54MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Which participant in European imperialism is being described below? This country began the Age of Exploration and European imperialism proving that even a small country can have a lasting impact on the World. The NetherlandsEnglandFrancePortugalSpain Question #55TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped Chattel slavery was first used in the New World by the EnglishSpaniardsPortugueseDutch . Question #56MultipleChoice Score: Skipped The two great Humanists that contributed to Renaissance politics were Machiavelli and _____. MoreKeplerNewtonCopernicus Question #57TrueFalse Score: Skipped An enlightened person is someone who is open-minded and has an understanding of all the facts. TrueFalse Question #58MultipleChoice Score: Skipped This leader of the Protestant Reformation was known for first translating the Bible into English. CalvinHusKnoxLutherWycliffeZwingli Question #59TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped After resisting attacks for hundreds of years, the city of Constantinople fell to the AnatolianRomanByzantineOttoman Empire. Question #60MultipleChoice Score: Skipped The Latin American Revolution was sparked by the desire for _____. equalitywealthindependence Question #61TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped Napoleon laid out a new set of laws in 1804 called the Emperor's CreedFrench ConstitutionNapoleonic CodeFreeman's Laws, which called for religious freedom and equality before the law. Question #62TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped The Springtime of Peoples refers to the 1848 revolutions that occurred in the Austrian Empire, GermanyHungarySpainPoland , and Italy. Question #63TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped During the Industrial Revolution, the workers that supplied labor in factories and mines were known as the Urban working classIndustrial ClassLower ClassMiddle class . Question #64MultipleChoice Score: Skipped What Christian religious group pushed for the abolition of slavery? QuakersProtestantsPuritansCatholics Question #65MultipleChoice Score: Skipped This economist of the Industrial Age believed that a government should not interfere with businesses. His ideas became the basis for Capitalism. WollstonecraftEngelsMarxSmith Question #66MultipleChoice Score: Skipped What nineteenth-century art style is represented by the piece above? ImpressionismRealismRomanticism Question #67MultipleSelect Score: Skipped Which of the following reasons for European immigration would be considered pull factors? religious persecutioneconomic opportunitychance at a better lifefaminewidespread poverty Question #68TrueFalse Score: Skipped France's conquering of Vietnam was a success; they found a trade route to China and converted most of the population to Christianity. TrueFalse Question #69MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Disagreements involving trade practices sparked the Opium War fought between what two countries? Great Britain, ChinaFrance, ChinaGreat Britain, JapanFrance, Japan Question #70MultipleChoice Score: Skipped In the late-nineteenth century, the European race to rapidly colonize Africa became known as the _____. Imperialistic RaceScramble for AfricaBattle of the MonarchsStruggle for Africa Question #71MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Following this agreement, the Germans experienced an economic depression, desired revenge, and had new leaders come to power. Berlin ConferenceLeague of NationsCommunist PactTreaty of Versailles Question #72Paragraph Score: Skipped List three events that occurred during the first phase (1933–1939) of the Holocaust? Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #73MultipleChoice Score: Skipped 1. The war ended with two atomic blasts. 2. European borders were rearranged. 3. Populations were displaced because of hostilities. Are the above consequences a result of World War I or World War II? World War IWorld War II Question #74TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped The Anglo-Boer War took place in South AfricaEgyptNigeria . Question #75TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped Although the PopulistsSocial DemocratsSocialistsCommunists were split into two opposing groups, the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks, both had the goal of overthrowing the czar. Question #76MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Which of the Three Principles of the People represents "the people's rights and powers"? SocialismCommunismNationalismDemocracy Question #77TrueFalse Score: Skipped The Revolution of 1911 finally put an end to monarchial government in China. TrueFalse Question #78MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Romantic composers, such as Haydn, Brahms, and Beethoven, were best known for writing _____. nocturnesoperasquartetssymphonies Question #79MultipleChoice Score: Skipped After World War II, which countries were the two great superpowers of the world? Great Britain, ChinaUnited States, Great BritainUnited States, Soviet UnionChina, Soviet Union Question #80MultipleChoice Score: Skipped What two countries were first to receive aid under the Truman Doctrine-Marshall Plan? Austria, GreeceGreece, TurkeyGermany, HungaryHungary, Austria Question #81MultipleChoice Score: Skipped The United Nations is funded through membership fees and _____. reparation paymentsvoluntary contributionstaxes paid by all world nations Question #82Matching Score: Skipped Match these Cold War events with the year in which they occurred. 1. Berlin Blockade 1947 2. Korean War began 1949 3. NATO formed 1950 4. Truman Doctrine 1948 Question #83MultipleChoice Score: Skipped What form of nationalism did Nazi Germany practice during World War II, resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent people? politicalracial/ethnicreligiouscultural Question #84MultipleChoice Score: Skipped India's struggle for independence from the British was a _____-year process. 150609030 Question #85TrueFalse Score: Skipped Africa has never fully recovered from European imperialism; it still feels the effects of colonization today. TrueFalse Question #86MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Most of the Communist nations that broke away from the Soviet Union now practice what form of government? MonarchyCommunismRepublicDemocracy Question #87MultipleChoice Score: Skipped What type of nation uses outsourcing, transnational companies, and foreign investing in poorer nations to its benefit? a capitalistic nationan industrialized nationa globalized nationa developing nation Question #88MultipleChoice Score: Skipped The Cairo Conference of 1994 was a meeting of the United Nations to discuss the issue of _____. world povertyoverpopulationgender equalityCommunism Question #89MultipleChoice Score: Skipped The ability to make more sophisticated and specialized tools allowed societies worldwide to become sedentary. This led to what turning point in world history? agriculturalindustrialstonetechnological Question #90TrueFalse Score: Skipped Most of the future population growth will take place in industrialized countries. TrueFalse Question #91TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped Major disease infectionspandemicsoutbreaksplagues affect the population because they kill large numbers of people. Question #92MultipleChoice Score: Skipped What technology allowed for the rise of European military dominance in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? tanksautomatic rifleatomic bombgunpowder Question #93TextMultipleChoice Score: Skipped The three forms of nationalism are economicpoliticallocalizedglobalethnic, and religious. Question #94MultipleChoice Score: Skipped Characteristics of what type of economic system are being described below? 1. trade generally limited to what is produced through the influence of the government; 2. central authority generally owns the factors of production. Command EconomiesMarket EconomiesTraditional Economies Question #95TrueFalse Score: Skipped Mercantilism follows the principle that a nation should import more than it exports to increase its resources and prosperity. TrueFalse

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