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Explain evidence, approaches and theories about the benefits of creativity for the well being of children and young people
Creativity involves being imaginative and original. Creativity is about problem solving. Creativity is often more about the process, rather than the actual product. [ The creative process is useful for many reasons, developing confidence in ourselves, developing good relationships, finding out what talents and strengths we have. The creative process helps us by teaching us about who we are what
we love and what we can give to others. Being involved in creative activities is fun and absorbing for children. It suggests it helps children to have positive experiences and develop important characteristics and abilities like; : Appreciation of different ways of looking at the world and surroundings. : Collaboration- being keen to work together. : Communication and language - developing better communication through talking, listening writing or pictures. : Concentration- focusing on what they are doing. : Developing good relationships – working together and making new friends. : Discipline – developing self control through a requirement to practice (for example such as playing a musical instrument, needs practice) : Emotional intelligence – being able to express emotions. : Empathy – understanding what it can feel like being someone else (like being someone else through role play, drama activities) : Imagination – bringing ideas to life. : Independence of thought – discovering things for themselves. : Interaction – being involved in a group and having peer support. : Physical activity – participating in activities that encourage movement : Positive emotion – having fun and enjoying what they are doing. : Problem solving – being able to explore different solutions. These characteristics and abilities have shown to lead to a sense of purpose, achievement, confidence, development of strengths, talents and interest, self respect and a sense of belonging. ]
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