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The purpose of a cover letter is to _____. market yourself and your skills to potential employers explain the contents of your resume make the potential employer laugh so he knows you have a good personality all of the above
Weegy: Market yourself and your skills User: What do flextime and flexplace have in common? Both allow you to work alternative hours. Both are work accommodations. Both allow you to work at a different location. all of the above Weegy: all of the above User: Patricia often follows the crowd and does what she thinks her friends would like. She is often in trouble for things that her friends tell her to do. What is Patricia experiencing? decisions peer pressure influence foresight Weegy: peer pressure User: How can you demonstrate empathy? trying to understand the emotions another person is feeling offering advice on what should be done telling a distressed person that you don't understand none of the above Weegy: Trying to understand the emotions another person is feeling. User: Which is not a quality of good friendship? accepting others for who they are offering help only when it's convenient for you trusting others tolerating differences of opinions Weegy: The answer is offering help only when it's convenient for you. Offering help only when it's convenient for you is not a quality of good friendship. (More)
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Asked 12/10/2012 5:47:49 AM
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OPEC stands for _____.
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Updated 111 days ago|5/16/2015 2:32:25 AM
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OPEC stands for: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Added 111 days ago|5/16/2015 2:32:20 AM
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What is a good way to get fit for the navy?
Updated 12/10/2012 6:57:11 AM
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The U.S. Navy enforces rigorous standards of physical fitness on all its sailors. Through training in boot camp and unit physical training, exercise is used to ensure all sailors are fit to serve and fight. These standards include running exercises, pushups, and sit-ups. Those looking to join the Navy can mitigate their stress and some initial physical discomfort in boot camp by preparing for these exercises through practice.

Sailors in the Navy are regularly tested on a 1-1/2 mile run. Additionally, trainees at boot camp should expect to do a fair amount of running and hustling throughout the day. Newcomers to running can build up their endurance by starting off slow and increasing their distance and speed gradually. Jogging nonstop for 20 minutes is a good place to start, with gradual improvements made to speed and decreasing time. Once solid endurance is built up, the trainee should pursue speed and time by running several miles a day at slightly less than goal pace.

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Added 12/10/2012 6:57:11 AM
The is the coldest layer of the atmosphere.
Weegy: The coldest layer of the atmosphere is the mesosphere (More)
Updated 2/26/2014 2:23:22 AM
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