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Q: Compare the different types of documents that can be produced from notes and include a description of the format of each document
A: MEMO The format will include To??.. From???Ref???... [ Date???? and then the relevant information being communicated. LETTER Printed on company headed paper, listing ref, date, name, address, subject, letter content, yours faithfully/yours sincerely, signature, name & job title, Enc (if applies). Also if the letter is confidential this must be stated. REPORT Title, introduction, body of
report, a conclusion, consistency of format is essential i.e. using the same paragraph spacing and font style/size throughout content of report. RESULTS This may apply if you work in a medical environment. Accuracy is 100% essential for this type of document. A mis-spelt medical word or incorrect name can change the whole meaning someone's medical results and this could have major implications for the person and the company. Therefore checking of this type of document requires extra care and normally is checked by another person before being distributed. MINUTES Will include the title of the meeting, the date it was held, the names of the people who attended and were absent i.e. apologies, The main issues discussed will then be listed and what action needs to take place. AGENDA Will include apologies for absence, minutes of previous meeting, matters arising, any other business, date and time of the next planned meeting. FORMS Will be formatted in way that is consistent with other in house documents. The purpose of the form will be taken into account and who the intended users will be; creating forms may require several drafts before agreeing on a final agreed copy. ]
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Asked 6/10/2013 10:01:47 AM
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