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Q: Find an editorial with which you disagree and argue an opposing viewpoint on leash and curb your pet
A: Going for a walk with your dog is a great activity you can enjoy together. It?s a chance to get some exercise, fresh air and quality time to bond. [ But it?s not much fun if your dog turns into a snarling, excited dog who drags you down the street as he races towards everyone and every dog he sees. Some dogs become so excited that their eagerness turns into aggression towards you and everything
else within their reach. On-leash aggression is a serious dog behavior issue that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. I have a 10 month old Border Collie who can't wait to get outside for a walk or to play in the dog pen. She's fine once we get her outside ? it's the transition that creates an aggressive behavior with the other dogs and sometimes with us. Putting on her leash only adds to her aggression. Any kind of aggression should never be allowed to continue because by not correcting this type of behavior, the dog learns it's acceptable and their aggression will only get worse. On-leash aggression needs a firm hand, but not in a forceful manner. Matching your dog's aggressive behavior with equal force will only make him feel more stressed out, adding to his excitement and aggression. Positive reinforcement is your best option in correcting your dog's on-leash aggression. It's also important for you to remember to stay calm when your dog is on a leash. He will pick up on this and react to the same type of energy you're putting out. Dogs are experts at picking up our emotions and if you tense up, he can feel that energy through his leash which will increase his on-leash aggression. Positive reinforcement is a combination of praise and plenty of your dog's favorite treats, such as CANIDAE Snap-Bits?. As with any dog training session, stay consistent, calm and patient. Have fun with your training and make a game out of it. Teach your dog to focus on you when you call his name. My dog's name is Keikei, and I say ?Keikei, focus.? You can use any word you want such as ?look? or ?here.? Just make it something simple and easy for them to understand. ]
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Asked 4/1/2013 2:04:11 PM
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