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Q: How are Bunyan's characters in Pilgrim's Progress more than just symbols?
A: What are tThe Pilgrim's Progress is a wonderful work written by a 17th-century Puritan, John Bunyan, from his cell prison in a trying time of persecution. Rich in Biblical theology, it is the best-known allegory of the Christian's life. [ [ It tells the story of a pilgrim named Christian as he walked a journey from the City of Destruction (where he lived before his conversion) to the Celestial
City (an allegory of heaven), sharing with us the many challenges, obstacles, comfort, and encouragement Christian encountered in his long journey. This book reminds me that I, too, am walking in a similar spiritual journey as Christian did. When I read of Christian passing through the Valley of Humility and falling into the Swamp of Despondence, I'm reminded of those times when I, too, was in such a swamp and valley, and how God graciously used those trials to humble, comfort, and rescue me. The Pilgrim's Progress reminds me and encourages me with the Biblical promise that regardless of what deep valleys I may be in, whatever swamps I fall into, whatever rough roads I tread, whatever rivers to ford, or whichever steep hills I may be climbing in my own life journey ... my Guide is ever watchful, my Deliverer unfailing, and He is indeed faithful in keeping and persevering all of His elect in the faith till they arrive to their final destination at the Celestial City- that glorious, everlasting City that is so different than the one I've traveled from and "built not by the hands of man." Every Christian can learn and be encouraged from the Biblical doctrines taught in this story.he options? ] ]
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Asked 3/6/2013 9:45:06 PM
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