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Q: . Please give us an example that demonstrates your pride in your work- not matter how big or small the task is.
A: Take pride in your work, is one advice I often give if you want to see your career soar in the corporate world. Many people work for the sake of working. It?s a means to get a pay check at the end of the month and there is nothing more to it. [ What can you do to change the attitude? How can you take pride in what you do? Try these steps. 1. Your Name Is On It Remember, whatever you do, no
matter how small it is, has your signature on it. Even if you do not physically sign on it. The work passes through your desk, your station, your assembly line? Your name is on it. Unless you do not care about your reputation, then fine. But if you do, that is one great reason why you should take pride in your work. 2. You Build a Reputation For Good Work The more good work you do, the better your reputation will be in the company. If you have an impeccable record of good work, who do you think the boss will remember first when it is time for increment and promotion? 3. Each Of Us Have A Role, Each Role Is Important How do you take pride in your work? Remember each one of us has a role in the workplace, no matter how small you think your role is in the grander scheme of things. Find meaning in what you do. A janitor has a great role in keeping the hygiene and happiness of the people in the company. Imagine a washroom that stinks all day? 4. Know What You Don?t Know To take pride in your work, you need to know what you do not know. Then you can seek to improve. Someone who constantly takes steps to improve themselves is likely the person who take pride in their work. 5. Know What You Know You should know that you carry some form of knowledge that only you have. You need to know that your experience and someone else's experience is different. In that sense, what you bring to work is also different. That is a unique point. 6. Build Trust Build trust with people around you. When people trust you, you will naturally feel a sense of confidence that will spur your sense of pride at work. Building trust with colleagues is a good way to take pride in your work. Trust yourself, you know you bring unique experiences to work and you know you have a role to play. ]
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Asked 10/11/2012 4:56:26 PM
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