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Q: Summarise Hudson's views on literary impulses
A: Impulses behind Literature What are the impulses behind literature? Literature grows directly out of life, so it is oblivious that in life itself we have to search for its sources. [ Hudson, in ?Some Ways of Studying Literature?, discusses four major impulses that have given birth to the various forms of literary expression. The four impulses that Hudson talks about are: 1. Our Desire
for Self-expression: Hudson says that, ?we are strongly impelled to confide to others what we think and feel.? All of us have a natural desire to express ourselves. We always want to open our heart to others. We wish to express our feelings and thoughts to others. This desire for self-expression results into the production of literature. A piece of literature is expression of writer?s mind and heart, his emotions and ideas. Thus our desire for self-expression is the first and primary impulses that give birth to literature. 2. Our Interest in People and their doings: ?We are intensely interested in men and women, their lives, motives, passions, relationships?, admits Hudson. Our interest in the lives of other people and their doing gives birth to literature. As human beings we cannot live quite aloof from others. We always like to know about other people, their thoughts, their feelings, their problems, and, their resistance to certain problems, their achievements and limitations, and, their success and failure. In order to know other people, their thoughts, the ways of their life, and, their customs and lives, we read-write literature. 3. Our Interest in World of Reality and Imagination: The two reasons that stimulate the production of literature are: man?s interest in the world of reality and man?s escape from the world of reality to world of imagination. As a man, we are always interested in what is going on around us, what is happening around us. As a man of thoughts also we are eager to now the things around us, the realities of the world. Our interest in this world of realities results into the production of literature. Many a times, man is fed up with the world of realities. ]
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