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Q: Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways
A: Our ethnic origins may also influence how we use and interpret different communication methods. [ In some cultures communication was or still is predominantly verbal rather than written, like that of Somali, where all communication was, up until 1972, oral. Even today many adults are still unable to communicate through reading and writing. Some cultures interpret the tone of your voice
differently; raised voices could mean an argument to some people, but to others it could mean an exciting conversation. Yet even within cultures there are subtle differences. Just because one group from a particular background does something it does not necessarily mean everybody from that country will do it and vice versa. When learning a new language you may find it easier to learn one aspect of communication, such as speaking, rather than another (written) and may therefore adopt that style of communication until your knowledge and abilities grow. Some cultures, especially those in the west, are very adept to new forms and varieties of communication methods such as e-mail and texting. This is as a result of the wide availability and accessibility of computers and mobile phones and the network technology required for powering these. Other cultures either do not have the infrastructure or their people do not have the finances to adapt these communication styles. Age will also influence the use of these types of communication. Older people prefer to communicate through telephones and the written word as they are familiar with them and may find today’s communication technology a little overwhelming or confusing. Younger people have developed a new language to accompany the new technology which may be completely alien to older people. The way in which you communicate will be influenced by your experiences. Knowledge and understanding brings confidence and ability and it is these that will form the basis of our adopted style of communication. .............. ]
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Asked 1/5/2013 12:30:28 PM
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