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Explain how the media does or does not influence a person's fear of crime and victimization
Impact of media on fear of crime Research throughout the world has shown that (increase in ) crime is generally overrepresented in media coverage, compared to actual crime rates in society. [ Reporting on crime usually follows a certain pattern, pointed out in a research conducted by Dorfman and Schiraldi in 2001 in the United States. According to their findings the coverage of crime,
dominated by violent crime, has gone up while real violent? crime rates have dropped. From 1990 to 1998, the number of homicides, which account for 0.1% of all arrests, has declined by more than 30%, while it’s appearance on the screen skyrocketed and in the end made up more than one quarter of the examined media coverage. On the other hand, white collar crime like fraud is not reported on very often. (either it is not sexy enough for the media, or it has low priority in the justice department) "The audience does not feel threatened by that”, confirms Gabry Vanderveen, Assistant Professor for Criminal Psychology at the University of Leiden. In addition more unusual crimes have the greater chance to get picked up by the media. For example the majority of shown homicides are committed by strangers, although in reality the victim most of the time knows its killer. “Domestic crime and child abuse is hardly mentioned. It’s so hard to get child abuse on the agenda”, Vanderveen said. “Reports in the media follow stereotypical patterns, like stranger rapes, outside in the dark, someone waiting in the bushes versus the innocent, modest victim. We know that that is not the case. Most rapes take place with familiar persons. Women are more likely to get severely victimized inside their homes” (2003). This disproportionate relationship can be explained by using Peter Sandman’s proposal of traditional journalis ]
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