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Q: Who were the petitsblancs in Haiti?
A: This country was original named Saint Domingo and was thought of as the Richest colony in the world. With 8,000 plantations which in the 18th century produced over 40 percent of the worlds sugar and like half of the coffee. [ Slaves, of course, made up the vast majority. Then the whites who were plantation owners, bankers, and lawyers. There were also "petis blancs" which mean poor white people
and "gens de couleur libres" which were free people of color and many being mixed raced. In Haiti the idea of the revolution meant different things to different people. To grands blancs- which are the rich white landowners, it meant greater autonomy, and fewer economic restrictions. However they did not like what it meant for the petis blancs, who thought they could get equality of citizenship for all whites. Both were opposed to free people of color. That right there is messed up because there basically saying that color people aren't people. Haiti Revolution made a great change in the abolishment in slavery and therefore renamed their country Haiti meaning "mountainous" or "rugged". ]
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Asked 11/24/2012 12:46:20 AM
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