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Questions asked by the same visitor
Is it true dat jamb is out? If no pls let me know
Weegy: No exact announcement yet. User: How will next aptitute test answer for dis year? Weegy: The date has not yet been announced unfortunately. (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 3/30/2012 4:17:27 AM
0 Answers/Comments
What is love
Weegy: Love is an emotion that means unconditional acceptance of another person, including flaws and not holding any faults against them. (More)
Updated 4/20/2014 12:52:18 PM
0 Answers/Comments
I scored 28 in delsu predegree exams 2O11/2012 session can i be admited?
Weegy: No official statement has been posted or released online. We will keep you posted. Thanks. (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 3/31/2012 2:32:20 AM
0 Answers/Comments
when will jamb reopen the 2012 result checking site?
Weegy: Kindly check the updates on the release of JAMB 2012 on the JAMB website ; However there was a news update on this release ; Information reaching the Nigerian Newspaper , [ that if the JAMB results 2012 compilations goes as planned , results should be out on the 28th of March 2012 ; check this website to verify ; ] (More)
Updated 3/31/2012 6:41:28 AM
1 Answer/Comment
is now online.. Let's help check your jamb result -
Added 3/31/2012 6:41:28 AM
what are the specimen for biology and agric for 2012 weac exams
Weegy: Im sorry but we dont have any records regarding that but hope this link may help you. [ ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 3/31/2012 4:36:41 AM
0 Answers/Comments
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