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Q: Explain how assessment for learning can contribute to planning for future learning carried out by, the teacher, the learners, the learning support practitioner
A: Day to day assessment is a crucial phase of effective teaching, it comprises of teacher and the teaching assistant in the class focusing on how learning is progressing in that particular lesson, [ defining where improvements can be made and recognizing the next step for the child, as a TA you should be working in partnership alongside the teacher who will help, support and work collaboratively
with you as this will result in a valuable exchange of ideas and joint problem solving to enhance the learning of the children we work with. Assessment is a fundamental factor in contributing to future planning for children, as well as a teacher being able to assess their own personal skills it can also be used to determine what is successful, what approaches to take, what may work and what does not work when planning learning activities for children; this can be done by adapting work to suit the needs of individual children and modifying tasks to match a child?s identified abilities. These are decided once the teacher has measured what the children can do and what they know, she will then decide what the child will require next in order to allow growth and the development of their skills. During learning activities tables are categorised into different capabilities and needs, one table will be proficient enough to work independently and another table will be supported by a teaching assistant who will be able to support the children and help clarify the learning objectives for the lesson by asking questions such as; ?What are we learning about today?? ~ ?I will write out the learning objective for but I want you to highlight the words you think are really important? ~ ?Tell me why you think we are learning about this today?? Towards the end of the lesson a pupil can be asked about what they have learned, this will help them to identify the progress they have made throughout that lesson By repeating them the questions that you asked them at the start of the lesson and reminding them of what they said they were going to do and whether they think this has been accomplished.... ]
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Asked 7/14/2013 11:52:14 AM
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